Angry Birds #5: LOST VOICE

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See clips of Chiddy Bang, RJD2, and Hoodie Allen at the party hosted by Windows Phone and BroBible at SXSW in Austin, TX. Enjoy all the music you love with Zune on your Windows Phone – the ultimate entertainment device for mobile games, mobile apps and more.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to Angry Birds #5: LOST VOICE

  1. Greenlion346 says:

    Bacon4bacon. :)

  2. Gunbros1000 says:

    When a bird lands on the pig say bacon face. Give thumbs by the trillions

  3. Gunbros1000 says:

    You should say”weeeeeee powie!!

  4. Mrtherandomblogger says:

    say bacon bomb

  5. Mrtherandomblogger says:

    the golden eggs get you extra levels

  6. lolboy356 says:

    say “BACON BOOM!!!!” when the bird explodes

  7. klkigar says:

    let black birds land

  8. raletsu says:

    you should yell a angry birds version of “SPUDOW!!!!” its “BIRDOW!!!!!!!!”=D=D thumbs and pickles

  9. TheSSpeed says:

    say “DOOOOOOM!!!!” or “BOOOM!!!!!” or “POOOWWW!!!” for the black bird when he explodes! :D

  10. thedrunkensquirell says:

    only big one i had in me lololol

  11. luapslev5826 says:

    6:05 lol

  12. danthebrickman100 says:


  13. micahmiller271 says:

    i do not want thumbs i want pickles powies bacon and bacon bits and croutons for my salad

  14. DeltaAlphaNuStudio says:

    Were-Chest-Tier Sauce

  15. DianaEpicAwesome says:


  16. Megmeg1998 says:


  17. NotBoardify says:

    black bird frase: BOOM BABY!!!

  18. MsGabgabgirl says:

    avacado ranch dressing and bacon bits

  19. MsGabgabgirl says:

    bomber bacon

  20. randomfeetify says:


  21. Agarcia1127 says:

    Yell kablamo

  22. MHKyo1132 says:


  23. avrillavigne2221 says:


  24. grant91601 says:


  25. amysammia says:

    ill bacon4bacon lol dane makes well luagh well loads

  26. Shep00722 says:

    they are using macs! lol!

  27. TheCrystalwaterfall says:

    im gonna go to one!! xx

  28. ablahblah54 says:

    Ehh…little ironic that there’s apple comps all over the place.

  29. Zzyzzyster says:

    Epic night shooting: i want that camera!!!

  30. Spetsnaz1220 says:

    android is the best

  31. TheSmoothCriminal says:

    Hey what camera did you guys use to record this?

  32. KobraCola says:


  33. johnnyinsnj says:

    So, Windows…how was the party? I didn’t see you in the video once.

  34. skatebss09 says:

    Im waiting for my HTC Arrive at Puerto Rico. Sprint dont resolve the coverage issue at Puerto Rico and USVI!! 1 month and 3 days waiting…. :(

  35. yerrrdig says:

    what hoodie allen song is that?

  36. Koopdawg34 says:

    Hoodie Allens reppin that Evoba clothing!

  37. kdskamal says:

    @hardbeatzmusic You playlists should be perfectly syned with the iTunes before that.

  38. hardbeatzmusic says:

    @kdskamal my Mac keeps on giving errors when trying to sync it with my wp7 :( i mean playlist errors

  39. kdskamal says:

    So what DJ had a Mac. I own a Mac too and my Windows Phone sync with Macbook just fine (using Windows Phone Connector for Mac)

  40. KELLZ720 says:

    i bet every body in this video has an iPod lol i love my SURROUND!!!!!

  41. tannerbaughn says:

    fail DJ had a Mac

  42. zonikel says:

    Epic FAIL the DJ mac at the video hahahahahaha

  43. Jakez98 says:

    Nothing in here has anything to do with the Windows Phone except for its logo. But liked it anyway!

  44. BradGroux says:

    Love my HTC Arrive!

  45. Kingofunrealuk says:

    So… about that Nodo update. Man… those carriers huh? Even us with open devices are waiting god damn ages for a simple update push… :-/

    But no, instead we see rap acts… ¬_¬

  46. ShiftOptionKReview says:

    Macs in a Windows video? :p

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