Avatar Xbox Ad l Windows Phone 7 Official TV Commerical

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Wish you could take your Xbox with you 24/7? With Windows Phone 7, you can. Download your favorite mobile games and enjoy them whenever you want with Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone.

Download Links: And 1 Streetball: www.4shared.com Assassin’s Creed 2: www.mobi11.com Burning Tires 3D: www.4shared.com Car Jack Streets (GTA IV): www.4shared.com Die Hard 4.0: www.4shared.com Ferrari GT 2 Revolution: www.4shared.com Galaxy On Fire 2: www.4shared.com Gish Mobile (Hardwire): www.4shared.com Metal Slug 4 Mobile: www.4shared.com Midnight Pool 2: www.4shared.com MX vs ATV Untamed: www.4shared.com Need For Speed Shift: www.4shared.com Sonic Unleashed: www.4shared.com Super Mario Planet: www.mobilerated.com 3D Fast and Furious Pink Slip: www.4shared.com It is my opinion so feel free to comment and download. Enjoy the mobile games! Thanks.

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43 Responses to Avatar Xbox Ad l Windows Phone 7 Official TV Commerical

  1. MrTorrHumor says:

    Thumbs up if you want that phone to be Microsoft branded and available in stores.

  2. TheBradenewee1 says:

    118 people are Sony PS3 fans.

  3. TheBradenewee1 says:

    118 peop

  4. cullencrazed1011 says:


  5. sinjun12 says:

    118 people do ugly and gay dances and can’t buy xbox live

  6. MMHay16 says:


  7. MRLEGOFREAK1000 says:

    773 people do sexy dances :)

  8. elik526 says:

    117 ppl dont get xbox live on there phone and cant do sexy dances

  9. SirBullet754 says:

    whats the song at the end?

  10. Andrew35133 says:

    @kb8mvp81 What do you hate about his phone? What do you want it to do that it doesnt do?

  11. JukemDrawles89 says:

    @Andrew35133 poop.

  12. Andrew35133 says:

    @JukemDrawles89 can i have elementry humor?

  13. JukemDrawles89 says:

    @Andrew35133 you call this enjoyment?! this is some elementry humor, gtfo of here

  14. kb8mvp81 says:

    726 people are brainless Microsoft fantards

  15. kb8mvp81 says:

    (Sings to tune of commercial) YOU MUST BE DUMB IF YOU LIKE THIS COMMERCIAL, WOO-HOO!

  16. Andrew35133 says:

    @JukemDrawles89 you just failed at that comment

  17. Andrew35133 says:

    @kb8mvp81 your not funny, go grow up and let people have there enjoyment

  18. notubist says:

    xd when he does his sexy dance it sounds funny and he looks like a fool it makes me laugh >=) he looks like a retard when he does it which is funny

  19. sonicfast01 says:

    Press 6 for sexy dance.

  20. sithllama says:

    0:17 I’m gonna do my sexy dance!

  21. snuggiemom says:

    Best part is pressing 6 over and over after he does his “sexy dance”

  22. 343brickarmsspark says:


  23. daxydash123 says:

    @JukemDrawles89 PS3 much?

  24. DukeGoat147 says:

    This fucking ad makes me want to kill myself. It just keeps looping and looping and looping and looping and looping and looping…

  25. gsharpshooter80 says:

    @JukemDrawles89 Only people who are failures rant on others of their success because of envy…

  26. steventb100 says:

    Good show,but where the fucking links

  27. CROMAT30 says:

    @tingsh321 requime for a dream or something like this… sory 4 english

  28. tingsh321 says:

    Song name?….i used to have this song but i’ve lost it…xxD

  29. MrLexaffonis says:

    @Detektivconanfreak1 i’ll use it for the next vid

  30. MrLexaffonis says:

    @MrIbaad thanks!

  31. MrLexaffonis says:

    @VirTualGraPhikS welcome :)

  32. Detektivconanfreak1 says:

    where´s doodle jump??

  33. VirTualGraPhikS says:

    thanx !

  34. stefsss66 says:

    galaxy on fire is good game!!!

  35. lolsuperman2009 says:

    Burning Tires is an awesome game , but i completed it in 20 minutes :S

  36. MrIbaad says:

    i added this to favourites

  37. 05renemar1 says:


  38. MrLexaffonis says:

    @multirocky63 i think its not compatible with your phone. these games are only for phones which support Java. (like nokia and sony ericsson)

  39. multirocky63 says:

    Man i have T-Mobile Dash and when I start the game Sonic Unleashed it doesn’t comes in english and ends as I start it.Can you tell me why?????

  40. s9733871z says:

    What about pokemon lol…. 4shared.com have wad…

  41. MrLexaffonis says:

    @BernieBeginner Requiem For A Dream

  42. BernieBeginner says:

    pls tell me the song’s name pls..i want to learn^^

  43. pexx1000 says:

    you didn’t put prince of persia :O
    but other than that it’s a good list

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