iPhone Games – Tongue Tied!

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iPhone Games – Tongue Tied!

Tongue Tied! iPhone/iPad Gameplay (Universal App)

iTunes: Tongue Tied – bit.ly (.99)Universal Subscribe and stay up-to-date with the best games released for iPhone! Support TGT by downloading The Game Trail app, it is available for free on the App Store or you can follow the iTunes link – tinyurl.com Follow TGT on facebook & twitter for news, giveaways and more fun stuff! www.facebook.com twitter.com *****Tongue Tied!***** Mojo Bones are pleased to introduce Mick & Ralph in their debut adventure: Tongue Tied! Join the loveable canine duo as they hang, swing and ping their way across 50 levels of slapstick madness in search of the elusive WonderBone. Tongue Tied! comes complete with a unique physics-based mechanic and a whacky assortment of obstacles to use and abuse. Earn high scores to unlock medals, and then when you’re done, pay a visit to Mick & Ralph’s DogHouse where 30 challenges – and their unique unlockables – await. CARTOON VISUALS – jump straight into Mick & Ralph’s cartoon world! UNIQUE GAMEPLAY – a zany fusion of platforming and physics. UNIVERSAL APP – crisp HD graphics for iPad and iPhone. BAGS OF CONTENT – 50 levels with score-based medals to earn. THE DOGHOUSE – 30 unique challenges with some of the most interesting unlockables you’re likely to see! GAME CENTER – can you top the leaderboards and earn all of the achievements? REPLAY VALUE – a unique trick and bonus system for advanced players. Make every move count!

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25 Responses to iPhone Games – Tongue Tied!

  1. nanitexz says:


  2. JorJorArmany says:

    i though someone will talk in this video

  3. Chandlaman says:

    Can I have it

  4. GMafiaCnR says:

    I would like to participate.

  5. Captin187 says:

    Hope I really get this game if not its ok, hope the best for the person who wins, mayB he needs it more than I do. Thanks for the giveaway N Wishes for all. Lol what did I just say!! Jk

  6. LocoJojoco says:

    @LocoJojoco love the channel and the videos by the way

  7. LocoJojoco says:

    Hoping to win :]

  8. ThePresidentsGeneral says:

    owf, bark, owf, cooooooooooool.

  9. sWeeTypWinCess says:

    I really want this!

  10. TiffanyChu1 says:

    Count on me :D

  11. TiffanyChu1 says:

    Count on me :D

  12. TiffanyChu1 says:

    Count on me :D

  13. TiffanyChu1 says:

    Count on me :D

  14. dexxa1290 says:

    i want it !

  15. popochofilo says:


  16. hi1116 says:

    please can i has? Kthx

  17. Dragonslair7 says:

    -comments and hopes i win- :)

  18. Jimmylqd says:


  19. XBNDXF says:

    I’m in :)

  20. denyfate says:

    Count me in!

  21. michaelpeng123 says:

    i want please

  22. DoJE69 says:

    i love the music..heheh… so cute

  23. nampuuku says:

    Merry Christmas

  24. SeeEssThree says:


  25. MyTube19795 says:

    Merry christmas! Seems like a nice game, so I’ll participate.

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