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Contract Killer: Zombies iPhone/iPad Gameplay (Universal App)

You have killed more criminals than you can count. Now it’s time to face the apocalypse and blow the crap out of thousands of zombies! From the team that brought you Contract Killer comes CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES. “Today is just another day. Since the horde came we’ve been lucky to see tomorrow. Came up fast, out of nowhere. Zombies! Walking dead meat. I just kill ‘em… and keep on killin’ em. I’m not a hero… just trying to survive. They call me “Shooter”, because that’s what I do. Shooting zombies is the only thing I’m good at… and I’m good. DAMN good.” Save the remnants of humanity by infiltrating the zombie-infested city, stocking up on supplies, rescuing civilians and ushering them to safety while slaughtering every zombie in your path! EXPLODING ZOMBIE BRAINS is just about the best fun you can have these days! HELP THE SURVIVORS and assist Evelyn as she goes on supply runs and special missions. Build up an arsenal of AWESOME ZOMBIE KILLING WEAPONS and gear including sniper rifles, assault guns and grenade launchers! Take aim and collect bonuses for HEADSHOTS and MULTI-KILLS!

Mobile Games Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Mobile Games, Contract Killer: Zombies

  1. dunderstenen says:

    Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

    >> <<

  2. SentdownSamurai says:

    Yeah the humans in this game are more stupid than zombies, that why it makes this game ridiculously and annoyingly difficult.

  3. Bigfellr says:

    The games is alright but the achievements are so full of shit. C’mon kill 50 000 zombies?

    It took me a while to get on dead rising 2 but this game is slow.

    They need to include a mode where there’s slot of zombies in it

  4. Mooserman101 says:

    @kidRAYbot you need better weapons… You can earn fast money by playing survival, you can also earn free gold by going to

  5. codemy666 says:

    This game sucks b
    ut good gameplay

  6. walliebqqvogw69C says:

    Nothing is better than iphone4 in 2012, We present! 4V8r2h

  7. WhiteAngelPearl says:

    no offence but ur not very good a shooting them quickly

  8. TheSubjectOfInterest says:

    @KidRAYbot Update the game and play survival for a bit

  9. TheSubjectOfInterest says:

    @ksubashkarkisubash Press the back arrow…

  10. TheUltimategamer221 says:

    awesome game

  11. dowork8686 says:

    so once i reach level 25 the story stops? it keeps giving missions but the little (!) doesnt appear anymkre to advance the story! wth i wanna knkw what happens!

  12. crazygungamer says:


    >_< Fucking idiot…

  13. teajon22 says:

    A medgun gets you through most shotgun recommended levels, even expert.

  14. naternstisdabomb says:

    do u know the music they use in the game?? plz messag me

  15. thebastsk8r says:

    I freaked out a bit when I saw that zombie head

  16. t1me2die1 says:

    How do i find this game on installous for ipodtouch plz respond any1 i cant find it on installous wen i type it

  17. WestsideMastering says:


  18. TheDaftpunk68 says:

    4:55 up the ass

  19. cutshab says:

    Nice game .. Thanks

  20. ksubashkarkisubash says:

    I am new .. I just went to store and now the prob is I dnt knw how to go back from store I tried alot but can’t go back please help

  21. KidRAYbot says:

    man im stuck at level 7. with veteran missions. all i got is the smg with 5k. does anyone have any tips..all i can think of is the daily bonus

  22. GuideNickTrust says:

    what’s the music of mission menù?

  23. mistyken says:

    the game is decent, but GLU let its intention to get players to pay ruin the game. imo, the right approach should be allowing the pay subscribers to have more fun blasting zombie, not ramping up difficulty to frustrate normal player and coerce them into paying.

  24. filmhero5 says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song or band who does the main theme for this game when picking a level or buying a guy. The song sounds damn good.

  25. kn0rr1sL3gacy says:

    @sfgiantsfan03: You won’t get anywhere until you buy the Slammer .45… I was stuck on level 8 forever until I finally purchased the Slammer .45 (w/o using real money… I’m not buying fake guns with REAL money) I’m on level 13 now… just be patient and keep trying!! Once you get by those tough levels, you’ll find it easy to get through the novice and veteran levels… Expert levels are fucking beyond impossible!!!

  26. MsPodrinjka says:

    why are skiping some parts?

  27. SundaySuicide says:

    ADD ME: TroyBeThyName

  28. TheHereticAnthem20 says:

    add me please:


    thanks :D

  29. superwatcher3000 says:

    I CAN GIVE 5000 GEMS AT A TIME IF YOU GIVE ME 1!!!!! My ID is bharpz. ADD ME!!

  30. lasse2121 says:

    U cant breed it, only buy it :)

  31. Grant Madden says:

    Gems 4 gems grant5509

  32. alexander hjelm says:

    add me:bhklll gem4gem

  33. Kristian Haulund says:

    Add me: kristian hj
    Send me a gem and i will send you one

  34. stacylee992 says:

    How to breed a lightning dragon

  35. ClassicDylan says:


  36. Mj233H says:

    Could anybody send me gems? I don’t have any friends with iDevices and I really want some gems. My game center ID is MattMj17. Thx 4 ur help.

  37. animephil98 says:

    ichbincool!! add me!

  38. animephil98 says:

    gem for gem i’m level 26!

  39. blackflameinfernape says:

    hey guys add me i will make a note of who sends me gems and i will give you them back thanks
    Jstan 58

  40. Alerterful says:

    Gem for gem im kpperk

  41. legomania905 says:

    Gem for gem my name is peteyboy

  42. iYoYoFool says:

    Hello there. I work for Cydia hacking iOS hacking company and I have an announcement. Who wants to spend money for gems on an app that started free? We at Cydia have come up with a hack to get large amounts by send at least one gem to an account. One account we have been used for testing is “TrevorMcNugget”. If you add this gamecenter name and send it one gem we will respond, you will receive up to 10,000 gems in the soonest time possible. Again, the gamecenter is
    “TrevorMcNugget” Good luck!

  43. PAJAJA33 says:

    gem gem paja_7 

  44. HLOLful says:

    add me zuggetx ang give me 10mill cash, 10k gems and 300k food please

  45. 12Toller says:

    Gem for gem add ka1n13

  46. 12Toller says:

    Gem for gem add ka1n13

  47. thedopecss says:

    gem for gem add klugi11

  48. Paperkirby2011 says:

    @ThePrinzofNight he jail broke his iDevice so he gets it for free but it’s illegal

  49. ThePrinzofNight says:

    why would you buy gems with money?

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