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Mobile Games, Eternity Warriors

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE FOR ETERNITY HAS BEGUN… After 20 years of peace in Northern Udar, a powerful new Demon threat has emerged under the command of the evil Demon King Kilic. The Demons have overrun and transformed the once vibrant land into a cesspool of danger and evil. Only the courageous Eternity Warriors can defeat this rising threat to the world of Humans and Elves! 3D fantasy world with fast-paced melee action gameplay: Experience an amazing variety of heavy and light attacks, devastating special moves and powerful combos to take out the hoards of demonic enemies Spectacular sword-wielding combat alongside your real friends: The Eternity Warriors always fight the Demon threat together with fellow clan members found on Facebook and Game Center Magical array of swords, axes, armors and power-ups: To be a truly great warrior you need truly great weapons. Build your inventory with some of the biggest and most insanely powerful weapons imaginable! Available Now! Download it FREE today!
Mobile Games Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Mobile Games, Eternity Warriors

  1. MineWarDude says:

    Complete valiant armor set nightwolf hammee

  2. MineWarDude says:

    Add me on facebook francis oliver ferrer lvl 56

  3. chat3r0 says:

    MusicForLifeMJ, add chater0 on Game Center and I can walk you through with Cydia. You can also check out my Warrior and Elf.

  4. haihsiu says:

    Add me KillerGezoba

  5. RastaRazor78 says:

    Add : Rastarazor78
    Thanks :D

  6. SuperKillakan says:

    My GC name is Gun Josh

    Add me

  7. ichozenchip says:

    how do i know if the gamecenter has added someone? or how does it works

  8. fiction150 says:

    I’m no good at jail breaking, but if you are new to the game you get 10 free gems the 1st time you clear each 30th wave…. Also, the daily bonus has gone up. You get 11 gems for playing 3 days in a row – then 16 for playing 5 in a row (that’s 27). You don’t have to play it all day, just start a game the same time every day while you are connected to the Internet.

  9. Andydork11 says:

    Hey add me andydork11 :p

  10. MusicForLifeMJ says:

    isnt there any easy way to get VERY much of gems?? i realy realy wants some cool gear and weapons :-( but they cost over 300-14000 gems.. and i have 23 only… and i can only get like 2 gems every time i do a favor for them… it will take years to get that much gems… btw i am also running OUT of favors… please someone help me… i tryed to look at det tutorials on how to hack and how to get cydia.. but i dont know how to make it work.. please someone help me… :-(

  11. dotcomboyz4life says:

    Add me you’ll big242

  12. lazyfilipino says:

    hey guys add me gc lazyfilipino!

  13. MrRomain123456 says:

    me too

  14. MrRomain123456 says:


  15. MrRomain123456 says:

    i’ve got bahemot

  16. MrRomain123456 says:

    i’ve got behemot^^

  17. gloomyglitter123 says:

    I it behemoth and angel amber armour , add me :) PeaceNubXx

  18. rollacaza says:

    thx anyway -_-

  19. rollacaza says:

    yeah i got it thx

  20. syahril54 says:

    use your mage to kill it

  21. jrfps says:

    the exact same engine for all games. kkk
    glu is the “Myth Makers” of the mobile platform.
    any you all are the IDIOTS that pay and pay for each same game!

  22. MrDerfbomb says:

    Guess what rollacoza? Hit it in the back and it might work ya moron.

  23. rollacaza says:

    somebody help me! how can i kill the one in cave of mordana, onslaught 1, wave 23? it seems to be invulnerable to attacks T.T

  24. bigjade07 says:


    Game Center = Jaderade206

    Lvl 76
    Armor = Angel’s Ember Armor
    Weapons = Behemoth + Jagged Fist of Punishment

    ADD ME!!! Easy leveling in Arena Hard Mode!!!!

  25. TheOriginalGattapult says:

    gattapulta1 add me

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