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Gun Bros New Planet – CERES 2 Now available for iOS and Android

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25 Responses to Mobile Games Gun Bros – CERES 2

  1. 1albin1 says:

    if u want 20k warbucks PM me here on utube and make a new gamecenter acc and just say psw and username :) i fix it in 5 min :P

  2. peet713 says:

    Love this game but don’t know how to earn war bucks someone add me plz. Thanks

  3. xiexiefrank2 says:

    Please fix for samsung galaxy s gio. And so many other devices. Its a great game other than the bugs

  4. galaxyapps says:

    works on my galaxy player

  5. MrMark050 says:

    How for u play someone on Facebook

  6. MrGJ98 says:

    Add me i am lvl 69

  7. TheJ0K3R135 says:

    This app won’t even open… after I’ve downloaded the pack I needed. Fix it (my touch q)

  8. mswaleed56 says:


  9. mswaleed56 says:


  10. Corey1617 says:

    Not working on my DROID X. Shuts down as soon as it starts up, please fix this!

  11. dshwn590 says:

    I love this game it good for ipod touch,ipad and iphone but for android it sucks asss because it shut down as soon as It start up the game please fix this glu!!!!!

  12. MrZonaave says:

    Glu you guys half ass the game for android. WTF.

  13. AngelPinon19 says:

    Workz on Epic 4g Touch

  14. brusselscapitol says:

    Dang not work on galaxy gio

  15. somsakacme says:


  16. mitchrapful says:

    Why dosnt it wrk samsung galaxy gio pls respond

  17. paralysekid says:

    Why does it say not compatible with my phone??

  18. Duart38 says:

    Add me on gamecenter Alex Snel In gun bros I’m level 201 with 937377375888 war bucks and money and also have the best weapon and invisible

  19. sakisvarosi says:

    can you tell me why my left analog stick is up and not down? great video !!

  20. MeWaiLeong says:


  21. Jantest34 says:


    Why not for HTC Desire ?? Before work on HTC Desire fine. But now…
    please fixed this

  22. dailai456 says:

    Anhchi khong thich

  23. rickysatx79 says:

    Can you play this on wifi?

  24. D3FIIL3D says:

    Add me D3FIL3D on gamecenter

    I am level 200 with the Kraken, Cataclysm X4, and Infinity Armour.

  25. QuintG1 says:

    Great game …had to delete it because it was running up my data with out me being on it. Had my bill sky high!

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