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Gun Bros Multiplayer Trailer - Glu

Check out the latest trailer for the major 2.0 Gun Bros update with MULTIPLAYER! Gun Bros now has MULITPLAYER CO-OP MODE allowing you to Revive your Bro, level up faster and defeat TOOL enemies with your Game Center Bro in real-time on 3G and wireless. • Talk tactics with your Bro through Game Center VOICE CHAT! • Complete DAILY BRO-OP CHALLENGES to earn warbucks, coins, XP and more! Recruit more bros to get better rewards! • GET MORE BROS… GET MORE BUFFS!!! More Bros will allow you to increase your speed, damage, armor, XP, payout and more! • EARN WARBUCKS & COINS FOR ADDING NEW FRIENDS — You can now add friends via Game Center, SMS, email or Facebook • 2 NEW WEAPONS – Diabolic Maws and Deuce dropper. 3 NEW ARMORs — Infinity Armor Rev 2, Red Neutron and the Golden BroBot • FEELING LAZY? Try out the new AUTO AIM • Additional fixes and game optimizations Get it FREE!

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25 Responses to Mobile Games, Gun Bros Multiplayer Trailer

  1. DNAX10 says:

    Add me if you like: EliteMaster512 Armor: Hunter or Whiteout Weapons: Reactor Gauntlets and Kraken

  2. sawlol2011 says:

    sorry the user name is hardcoreminecraft

  3. sawlol2011 says:

    guys add me from game spy hardcoreminecraft I have the hunter amour and ion assault rifle!

  4. evilstr99 says:

    glu makes a lot of cool and awesome games these days. Mines called Gun bros deathmatch and i dont know why.

  5. bibek bhandari says:

    This is the best game i played on my ipod touch 4g 64gb

  6. SuckSemtex says:

    Add me on game centre _-TJ-_ I’m 200 with the best weapons and armour.

  7. InfinitlyBlade says:

    Add me on game center, @ Toxic Speed1. I’m level 200 with a Kraken and the best armor.

  8. JBJoelJB says:

    You get bros automatically when someone you have on Facebook play that game too.

  9. MegaLudde1 says:

    I have a iphone but i can download Gun Bros

  10. Skyblade112 says:

    how do i recruit a bro?! plese help

  11. TheSteveo1037 says:

    Add me newhamgeneral

  12. mac10071993 says:

    add kipooon

  13. 007YOUKNOWME says:

    add pkjonny

  14. TheSuperZulu says:

    TOTALLY FREE AND LEGAL MONEY for itunes ps3 and xbox with an app called junowallet (free) just type in this code to gain an advantage!- HS575702

  15. guthix474 says:

    add me: domenlisjak

  16. joey23475 says:

    add me on gun bros im level 200 (highest level in game) and everything so add kush_snipes

  17. gamefreakz123 says:

    add me Judemon

  18. EditsByAXE says:

    add me imstefanhd and how do i use voice chat?

  19. 1albin1 says:

    hi if u want free bucks go here

  20. osmin060892 says:

    This finally came out for the android

  21. Razzblue13 says:


  22. abelardo8556 says:

    add me on gun bros: FanaticMerlin and im level 25

  23. nitr076 says:

    Add me NItro76

  24. 94Angelos says:

    add me klillerBros :)

  25. doomknight456 says:

    Add me on gun bros, I’m level 82 :itachi1502

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