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Get it on Google Play! Go, Lightopus! You are the last of our kind. Go into the Abyss, save the Bulbies and bring back the Light! All the Lightopuses in the Abyss were killed and their remaining young captured by the monsters of the Abyss. You are the only Lightopus alive, a species on the brink of extinction. Your mission is to rescue the young Lightopus and free them from the Abyss monsters’ sealzones. This game is not to be missed by those looking for something new to enchant them on the iOS platform.”

Lightopus Reviews

Touch Arcade – Beauty Through Motion “Every feature adds to a superb overall presentation that just works.”
Pocket Gamer – Silver Award “This is innovative gaming at its finest, and whilst it’s let down by a few niggles, they’re not enough to spoil what is a fantastically enjoyable, highly playable arcade adventure.”
AppTudes – Editor’s Choice “Lightopus is a beautifully crafted game. The game looks great on retina display, and the gameplay is both unusual and addictive. If players are looking for a challenging yet simple game, Lightopus is worth checking out.”
AppSpy – A Unique Experience “Lightopus is visually intriguing and aurally relaxing, as you swim around protecting your babies, and having them feed on your enemies. A unique experience.” ★ Features ★ • Unique and
Mobile Games Rating: 5 / 5

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18 Responses to Mobile Games, Lightopus

  1. javysoccer13 says:

    what is that MB you got at the top of your phone

  2. FirstFright2009 says:

    lmfao horny bull - thats what i heard….. xD

  3. OfficialShoopClan says:

    Boom in my pants

  4. totoryanlegendary says:

    my bulbushead just dissapeared when i beat it ): can i get it back??

  5. GDT1124 says:

    Yo, forget Saiyan Race. Do a shout out to GregT, cause I’m a mutha fuckin’ boss, son. And cause Shane is a gansta ass mother fucker with his Dogia lovin’.

  6. sidrahkhan21 says:

    do a shoutout to the saiyan race please that is the name of my clan my charecter name is aggron you remember me don’t you???????

  7. sidrahkhan21 says:

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet i will never attack you

  8. Orochi4567 says:

    Hey i figured that out when i first joined my clan [SW]

  9. stormfyreX says:

    Cool thanks

  10. glameow4 says:

    Thumbs up if you want magus and danti at the same time

  11. crappieidiot says:

    Thanks alot Shane!

  12. iRexuhh says:

    so r u guys goina make bulbfighter an attack whore???

  13. PocketSummonerHelp says:

    Where is summoner shout outs: DanKuso

  14. windzero says:

    Thanks Shane

  15. 41Twizm says:

    Im From eXiLe, Im KiddTwiz

  16. Uknown042 says:

    3rd :D I shit my pants

  17. zootddrnl says:

    Bulbhead is a hot chick

  18. Drakengard32 says:

    im the second :)

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