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Little Girl Magic

Adopt a 7-year-old little girl and dress her! Feed your daughter when she is hungry! The girl has to be with energy equivalent of 30.
Mobile Games Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to Mobile Games, Little Girl Magic

  1. CockerSpaniel516 says:

    Luv this app. Ima great mom. :3

  2. UserFutile says:

    :O I’m so sad where’s the famous “Héééé !”

  3. byro807 says:

    Odh sg gd

  4. LiLCookie390 says:

    Lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’Ooooo Freakinn Lameeeeee thaws blackjack one Ugly

  5. inkbyshawn says:

    Ffdyfdhereee eu oojvsefsdddddsdddddddffdddfffdff rrddrrrdrrrrtttttttttttttrrrrrrr dddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrererrrrrrrrdrdd

  6. BingBongWasheeWashee says:

    i thought u were gonna say leggu transformed

  7. Levi Potteiger says:


  8. sonjune says:

    Watch my vid, I’ll show you guys how.

  9. KKIDCWYS says:

    waaga. Ooh. God.

  10. Kiran Kruse says:

    Samba freaks me out,man! by far the scariest

  11. MrCrazyDudee says:

    The scariest guard in the game is… DOGI D:

  12. marioman1995 says:

    @Shaneth21 – random question! If you could use any guard to get around what would it be and why?… What guard is your transport.

  13. Mike Zhao says:

    why not

  14. Skiinaza123124 says:

    Miki!I can stand that fucking bastard!

  15. Skiinaza123124 says:

    Dark image

  16. Skiinaza123124 says:

    but isn’t

  17. Skiinaza123124 says:

    What guard LOOKS powerful

  18. Skiinaza123124 says:

    I sent u the question that said

  19. Skiinaza123124 says:

    Where the hell is Samba

  20. FlareSurge says:

    legga hes just too much me, im scared at spiders i just cant look at one even if its from a game uurrgh……..

  21. Damos1134 says:

    The scariest guard is defiantly miki. I piss my pants just looking at him in the game D:

  22. battleonz says:

    Imy prediction for cs16
    Wind master

  23. TheENanny says:

    Defenitly Dk. Traruza

  24. Lapester45 says:

    My prediction for CS 16: Waterlord and pegas transformation
    Riida is too lazy to make more than 2 guards -_-

  25. Lapester45 says:

    Chaos definitely. I would shit my pants if I saw him. But id be ok once I went to my guards and got st. Skinaa

  26. bludrag105 says:

    Defeniatly Samba, if I saw that creep waltzin’ down the street I would shit a brick.

  27. zootddrnl says:

    Wrong most scariest guard to see ingame and in real live is ::::SAMBA

  28. Shaneth21 says:

    Yeah I can’t stand spiders EWWW

  29. Shaneth21 says:

    omg LOL

  30. Shaneth21 says:

    Yeah I was gonna say Dk Trazura, but he’s my dad :/

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