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The “cloud gaming” service “Onlive” has just launched in the UK. With Onlive, nothing is installed – all games are streamed to you. Onlive delivers top-tier video games on demand to your TV, PC, Mac® or tablet. Sign in. Play. It’s that simple.” Want to give it a try? Head to (or .com for USA)
Mobile Games Rating: 5 / 5

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19 Responses to Mobile Games, OnLive Game Service

  1. lionbeam says:

    Since september its still uk and us

  2. undefined0000100 says:

    You did an Onlive tutorial without showing its best selling game,HOMEFRONT!!!!!!!

  3. felipecardinals says:

    i play on Onlive with a 10MB connection … on Brazil

  4. AmarielleEU says:

    Average for Europe ish. I should have made that clearer sorry!

  5. cestrianvlogger says:

    20meg down, and 2 up is by no way an average connection, possibly if your in somewhere like london where the exchange is close to where you live, the average UK broadband user will probably get less less than 2meg down and 1meg up if there lucky. OnLive is just a huge gimmick, its a shit thing that should have never been made

  6. Cameron2A says:

    Quite interesting that old 90′s tech has been reinvented to meet the needs of todays consumer. The end users are different but the same reasons are still there; high end tech too expensive, work remotely on a “mainframe”.

  7. Agadagen says:

    Well, this will work well with my 64Kb Down connection :P

  8. AmarielleEU says:

    boobs? ;3

  9. theweirdofrom says:

    not bad

  10. Intrafacial86 says:

    What? I thought I subscribed to you already :P

    Also, stop talking about female cleavage on WoW., lol.

  11. li4m99 says:

    This is cool

  12. D34N3030 says:

    This is neat.

  13. TheBT says:

    There was a special offer to attract customers of your first game being £1 all other games would be a more standard price,

  14. TheMalmga says:

    (as you stated, haven’t checked the price myself) it is worth the money as it is playable on any machine able to play 720p videos along with a good internet connection. A computer able to run those games isn’t exactly cheap.

  15. TheMalmga says:

    You do realise that your mouse sensitivity has absolutely no effect on the responsiveness of the service? That’ll only change how little/much you need to move your mouse in comparison to the movement on the screen.

    Obviously the graphics will be worse than on your own computer, that is a given.

    I’m not familiar on how you measure your internet connection speeds in the UK so I cannot comment on that. However, I can say that for the minimal price of £1…

  16. chocks1 says:

    Think I killed one of the spectators…4th!…not bad. Hmmm seems like the wrong thought process to me xD

  17. TheBT says:

    I tried onlive, used my first game for a £1 to get the new deus ex game. The graphics were poorer then my machine, Even setting the mouse sensitivity to max made it seem unresponsive.

    Overall very dissapointed. I am on a 10 up 50 down.

  18. 2ane71n says:

    Finland is watching you also :)

  19. zuperzekrom says:

    should i say it?

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