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Game previews of Contract Killer, Big Time Gangsta, Treasure Raiders, and Bug Village.

Mobile Games Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to Mobile Games Titles

  1. haydn o.o says:

    i want midg- i mean little apple triple bacon

  2. NightShadeTheDark says:

    Since the writing is upside down, I’m gonna give you an upside down thumbs up! :D

  3. denni4851 says:

    Gimme thumbs if you can read this!

  4. legosavant says:

    super bacon

  5. IJustNukedMcDonalds says:

    ¡sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı sqɯnɥʇ ǝɯɯıƃ

  6. CrazySauce91911 says:

    @LeoVenezio No

  7. jasonc0065 says:

    So no to vicious drug circles.  Say yes to roundabouts.

  8. zakumpwned says:

    premature with your bacon

  9. MrPotatoeNinjaMan says:

    You missed lots of triple bacons. Thumbs if you noticed.

  10. TheCatty610 says:

    Say cuddles bacon spree

  11. TheCatty610 says:

    Make miget apple say tripple bacon guys!

  12. LeoVenezio says:

    daneboe,if you do more than three bacons,say:”BACONCEPTION”

  13. metaKnightSpamer777 says:

    you missed a bacon.

  14. metaKnightSpamer777 says:

    you missed a bacon.

  15. metaKnightSpamer777 says:

    you missed a bacon.

  16. CPking83 says:

    You missed a bacon!

  17. Bird1912 says:

    triple bacon= sasuage

  18. emilglentvor says:


  19. ericxx101 says:

    u should make triple bird like midget apple

  20. TheGoldndog says:

    How Did You Do That?!?

  21. toonfan24 says:


  22. toonfan24 says:

    he forgot to say bacon at 8;00

  23. AngelBug109 says:

    Lol they need to make Angry Grandmas lol

  24. otto3319 says:


  25. masterjordomon says:

    yell mega bacon

  26. BHTAelitepwn says:

    bug village is out, but today it’s free with free app a day

  27. BoxChar says:

    whens bug village and big time gangsta come out D:?

  28. pekayatt says:


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