Mobile Games, Where’s My Water?

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Where’s My Water? Mobile Game For Your iPhone and iPad

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50 Responses to Mobile Games, Where’s My Water?

  1. TO0O0O0TY1 says:

    Cool game. This is my favorite game :)

  2. Charlotte Van Looy says:


  3. edward64572 says:

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  4. mohamadsayed7070 says:

    i have this game for free in my galaxy

  5. 2012wita says:

    hehehe is des geil…

  6. Xepovs says:


  7. epiczombie555 says:

    Free Download Code: ANYJ4PNM7JHT

  8. Playtrack22 says:

    I got this game for FREE. Thanks Starbucks APP Pick of the Week

  9. AndrewScoreTV2011 says:

    Do you want a free iTunes card? Here’s how!!!

    1) go to the app store and download the app “app trailers”
    2) in the app enter the code “freestuff4us”
    3) watch trailers for even more points and iTunes Cards

    Do it now before it’s to late :)

  10. AviciHell says:

    Want AppStore apps for free (legally) on your iDevice?

    1. Open up Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

    2. Enter -> tinyurl . com / freeABspace (without spaces).

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  11. maruromuald16 says:

    WHy Can I see the water? Im using galaxy y..

  12. joelboada58 says:

    whats the crack the code

  13. saman1820 says:

    hahah funny

  14. wana811993 says:

    ove this game, i always pick on swampy, it’s so cute when he’s mad

  15. zzzzzz7ful says:

    Love ittt

  16. darya239 says:

    cool game :)

  17. Valca000 says:

    so the Alligator moves house after every fcking shower

  18. musikmann95 says:

    How do you record stuff on your iphone?

  19. joytotheworld56 says:

    I must say, I hate disney so much, but this is the funnest app I’ve played from Android.

  20. FromTheHuts says:

    Cranky’s always taking a bath.

  21. fhdfjhfg says:

    The hardest is ooze fall

  22. wubbaclub says:

    I have the full game of “Wheres My Water”

  23. JJStuffEngineering says:

    the BEST game ever xD

  24. villarvafamily09 says:

    0:26 Level 1-1 First Dig
    0:36 I’ll Grow On You Level 1-5
    0:54 Smash Them Together Level 2-2
    1:08 One Stream Level 2-8
    1:53 Ooze Fall Level 3-3
    1:37 Around The Bombs Level 3-2
    2:20 Mixing Bowl Level 1-9
    2:45 What Goes Up Level 2-7
    2:58 Bomb Chain Level 3-5

  25. DjKoper Morales says:


  26. constantindanila says:

    Hello – I like your Apple computers :D I now Sony produce Vaio … but I see Apple computers o your desks. Nice!

  27. xXVampireBeastXx says:

    what the hell is wrong with the cameraman

  28. nr98001 says:

    Sad that this is a “playstation” phone yet the only games you can get are ones on the Android marketplace. Why no connectivity to the Playstation Store? Big fail in my opinion for a device that’s branded with Playstation. Only thing Playstation about this phone is the slide out controls. Other than that, I see nothing special here.

  29. Ralphpsp says:

    He dsnt look at the camera anyways!

  30. theshonen8899 says:

    iMac, MacBook Air, Magic Mouse, crappy flat Mac keyboard.

    This man is clearly not a fan of VAIO products.

  31. bzrkr4588 says:

    only it’s not nokia…

  32. intoolerance says:

    2011 NGAGE!!! :D

  33. TheFirat411 says:

    if sony every gave the first 100 in every country for a hundre pound i would wait and camp outside of any shop

  34. TheFirat411 says:

    if sony every gave the first 100 in every country for a hundres pound i would wait and camp outside of any shop

  35. TheBallardhigh says:

    Why do they keep zooming it on him?

  36. naratasno1 says:

    :o I want one

  37. TRAXXAS59 says:

    :O they removed my comment! hehe not really i just typed ‘Comment Removed’ how awesome was that

  38. lagare2006 says:

    awwwww men you all are genius

  39. woog757 says:

    Is that you Will Sasso? :D (I miss Mad TV)

    I Love how the camera man zooms in super creepy close to the guy o_o

  40. limpei1 says:

    holy shit the graphics are shit

  41. iSkydsJr says:

    hey guys to all people hating this phone has apparently have two batteries but with one charger and one is for gaming and ones for the phone and if ur phone runs out u can use the psp battery its very good not being mean most people hating have xbox and iphone but this phone has revelutionized gaming as now no more shitty games on iphone u can play big games on ur phone and its really good i my self have come to a disecion to but this then npg as it looks great and compact so u get two for one

  42. galeanoandres says:

    lol..EPIC FAIL>

  43. aqu1952 says:

    Sony need to realize not everybody plays games. They do not have software that syns contacts etc with my computer. You actually need your contacts, tasks and calendar to make phone calls, because that is what it is a phone. So obviously I have the wrong PHONE next one will not be a Sony.

  44. sweetepnoy says:

    SE needs to mainly focus on the software and compatibility when it evolves. Hardware is disposable in cell phones. You upgrade every two years. What keeps customers loyal to the brand is the killer apps they invested on and they don’t want to lose it if they move onto another platform. Most popular paid apps in the App Store are games. If Sony can build on gaming content that can’t be found or played well on iPhone, they will create a loyal following for them and Android.

  45. darkhawk84 says:

    notice how they snub PlayStation who helped create and incorporate there psp designs I think since there a Sony owned company along with PlayStation they feel that they don’t have to mention PlayStation plus I feel that if they did mention PlayStation in any way it will drive the xbox fan boys away from owning the device. Just like they with the PSP if Microsoft had made a portable device lol not gonna happen but if they did this device/phone would make it harder to do so.

  46. shaboopie12 says:

    what a fake smile

  47. nel9784 says:

    As much as I dream this day would come and yes I do have a droid, the problem really is android keeps making different OS systems for different cell phones. There is the android 1.0 – 2.2, android X and other android stuff that I don’t know anything about. If only one phone has this software and control key pad then why waist my time learning this “great software” if your just going to change it again in six months….to something better probably.

  48. Revovleit says:

    Sony 4ever! :D

  49. wikoogle says:

    When you guys make an Xperia Play 2, can you please add dual analog nubs instead of the touchpads. Gamers hate having to use touch pads to control movement and aim. We want our fingers to interact with analog nubs, not touchpads.

    Also, put a quad core A9 cpu + a SGX543MP4 gpu + 960×540 screen in it and make it able to play most of the digitial games released on the NGP. If you get Uncharted NGP, Killzone NGP and LBP NGP backwards compatible with the Xperia Play 2, then it will be a huge hit.

  50. radtwelve says:

    after I saw he used an iMac and recognized that sleek looking very Apple-y keyboard I’mma stick with Apple

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