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4 Free & Cool WINDOWS MOBILE 6 GAMES First off I recommend you download these programs onto your computer, if you dont already have them WinRar Active Sync 4.5 1. Once these are downloaded onto your computer, with a USB cable, sync a partnership with your computer and device, using Active Sync, which is also known as Windows Mobile Device Center 2. Your computer usually automatically prompts you to do this, once this program is downloaded Here are the game uploads 1. Once they are saved onto your computer to the desired location of your choice 2. Finish watching this video to understand how to get the games onto your phone 3. I will have my phone screen showing (My Mobiler) so you can see the actions from my computer onto my phone NOTE: only Kevtris works with a non-touchscreen phone Guitar Hero 3 Kevtris Pac Man Pocket Uno If you have any questions feel free to message me here on Youtubesubscribe, comment and rate please Hope you enjoyed, thanks for tuning in

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13 Responses to Windows Mobile 6 Games

  1. 0blackthunder0 says:

    visit for wm, iphone, android etc.. apps and games

  2. zawette says:

    can u give us a site where we can download a lot of wm games plz????

  3. 14309981 says:

    @loridori thanks man

  4. loridori says:

    @14309981 its called MyMobiler…its free

  5. 14309981 says:

    what is the software that u watching your phone screen on it. BTW nice video. :)

  6. DiogoBailao says:

    does arent games you idiot

  7. Jakkinator45 says:

    @93215ferrari make it up

  8. loridori says:

    @93215ferrari I had to explain it to someone else and it actually does work…its already cracked and you can use any code…just press a bunch of letters…keep trying and let me know what happens

  9. 93215ferrari says:

    I put anything like you said and it doesnt work

  10. loridori says:

    @93215ferrari you can put anything…and it should start…put more than 8 characters and then press ok or submit…and it should work from there

  11. 93215ferrari says:

    do you know the registration code for Guitar Hero III

  12. loridori says:

    thanks!! :)

  13. bmw2go11 says:

    nice music, great video ;)

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