#23 Android Must have apps of the week

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Apps of the week: 1.Free advanced Task Manager 0:18 2.Widgetsoid 2:17 3.Multicon 4:24 4.SportsTap 5:57 5.App Lock 7:01 6.AppMonster 9:10 7.Floating Image 10:48 8.Tweet Deck 12:16 9.ShootMe 13:14 Visit my temp Website cooloser.weebly.com If you want to follow me on Twitter its @ThaCooLoser and or Follow me on Facebook.com Visit DroidReign.com For More Android Tech News and you can find my written app reviews on there too =].
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to #23 Android Must have apps of the week

  1. J16lification says:

    Damn forget about it, i’ve noticed it’s a live wallpaper, and i can’t install LW on my Wildfire, can’t even root it because i’ve got android 2.2 froyo. :(

  2. J16lification says:

    Dude I really need to find that clock widget u have on your home screen. I’ve been searching it for weeks but couldn’t find it. Some help here please. :)

  3. Jkrump10705 says:

    yo widget soid allows u to make ur on power control widget siicckkkkk

  4. gunner34r says:


  5. gunner34r says:


  6. Joulesmarti says:

    Do you have the URL from the market of App Lock, i cant find it

  7. japanwarlord says:

    rape comment and subscribe

  8. blazer488 says:

    I’m a blazer fan to man all day

  9. theacebunny says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just started to watch your videos and LOVE YOUR mods. Also, THANK you for being one of the few that use the quick frame jump for youtube. I hope more people follow your method

  10. The25Wolverine says:

    what is the name of ur live wallpaper

  11. CooLoserTech says:

    @r6erbuyafool its not a widget, its a live wallpaper called WP CLOCK

  12. r6erbuyafool says:

    what lock screen clock app is that

  13. junixmike says:

    App lock is worthless. If you can kill the app them it doesn’t work. If you lose you phone. And they even reboot or uninstall app lock your info is fuqd

  14. DevinShoe says:

    No one should ever need to use a task killer. From Froyo and on up, android has a built in task killer (settings > applications > select the application you want to kill > force stop) but you should only use that if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. I have tested this on 5 devices and using a task manager made NO difference in speed or battery. In fact I got more force closes and lag. Tested on Samsung Fascinate, LG ally, LG optimus v, DROID X, and some cricket phone.

  15. FaizK25 says:

    The quality has drastically improved from #21 keep up the good work :)

  16. hrag500 says:

    @CooLoserTech I did that and its not there lol.. thats the only reason why i asked :O .. i have the “Advance task killer pro” if that is any help ?

  17. CooLoserTech says:

    @hrag500 hold down on an empty spot on your screen and when you get the pop up. Select shortcuts and then scroll down to the task killer

  18. 2291JXA says:

    شكرا ياكافر

  19. hrag500 says:

    Dude i cant find the Damn Shortcut widget to kill tasks just by pressing it, please help me!

  20. isnipedakid says:

    you dont need an app killer. your phone will do it on its own

  21. TrailerFlex says:

    whats the name of the clock widget on your homescreen ?

  22. CooLoserTech says:

    @juliewildermuth60 its called Ultimate Favs Pro

  23. juliewildermuth60 says:

    could you tell what app is on you phone that you spin around?

  24. CooLoserTech says:

    @xiBeasTy with app lock

  25. xiBeasTy says:

    how did you put a password on your gallery?

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