Android Apps September 2011!

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Android Apps

7 Best Android Apps

Apps Reviewed:: 1.Diversion(free trial) 2.Trial X Demo(free trial) 3.Soundhound(free) 4.A monster ate my homework(free) 5.Crackle(free) 6.Netflix(free/members only) 7.Live wallpaper is “Androidify”(free)

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13 Responses to Android Apps September 2011!

  1. malachiisawesome says:

    Swipe pad

  2. bigjdubbbb says:

    What was that with the ring you used to select the apps

  3. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @MikeandKathleen i’m glad you enjoy them and thank you for subscribing!! Take care :)

  4. MikeandKathleen says:

    Love your style, Matthew…just subscribed! I noticed that you do not review violent, bloody games and I really appreciate you for that. Your videos are very interesting, informative and enjoyable — thanks!

  5. BigMike1397 says:

    Fantastic vid mate…. subscribed

  6. mjaiffable says:

    Thumbs up if yoou love your android…!

  7. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @15Jin15 thanks!!!

  8. xROBERTxDAVISx says:

    anyone get skype working on galaxy s?

  9. 15Jin15 says:

    keep the good work matthew ! you got another subscription

  10. jack00141 says:

    nice mate

  11. WAJIDNAQVI10 says:

    Good work keep it up.

  12. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @brad5patterson no problem, apps are now listed for everyone! Thanks for commenting and watching i hope to bring you more apps you enjoy! :)

  13. brad5patterson says:

    Liked the games you introduced. Soundhound is great. Think I might have to try Crackle. Do you think you could list all the apps in your “description” ? Thanks again, bud !

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