Android Application Weekly 4 Feb 2011

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Website: Facebook Twitter: Go here for the QR-Codes. In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will keep you entertained, help you calculate practically anything, and play movies over your home network. This week we have Fatty Booth 0:16, Moviefone 0:46, PlugPlayer 1:16, Spaghetti and Marshmallows 1:46, and WolframAlpha 2:16.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Looking at the final review of the LG Optmis One / T / S P500 Overview: Android Froyo 2.2 has arrived and you’ll find it on the Optimus One. This touchscreen smartphone packs a lot of features make it your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, download the best apps with top tips from LG’s App Advisor and use it as your sat nav. Links :

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42 Responses to Android Application Weekly 4 Feb 2011

  1. Sl1mJ1m777 says:

    Lol! A rather plump character!! XD

  2. Improbe says:

    @klayman2 imagine not having proper internet speed due to bad location

  3. klayman2 says:

    @Improbe well if you bought the android he has than you likely paid for 3g access too, which i do :D i watch videos on here during my art class at school

  4. klayman2 says:

    OMG thanks for that wolfram alpha pocketnowvideo :D im gonna use it to do my math homework

  5. Taschla94 says:

    2:18 The next Maths test can come ;)

  6. keal5528 says:

    hahha~ lady gaga

  7. Johnp1212 says:

    wolframalpah app = 100′s in math tests =]]

  8. MrSastreen says:

    @pocketnowvideo I’d love to :p and it was just a joke

  9. Improbe says:

    is wolfram alpha an application that necessarily needs internet connection or can you use it offline?!

  10. Rotznase14 says:

    In my mind the wolfram alpha is the only one worth the money It costs!

  11. aseercte283 says:

    Cm7 on evo with wimax fast as hell

  12. altu892 says:

    finally…. I leave china and i can watch pocketnow videos :D

  13. jameslove888 says:

    @arofluv It doesn’t, he’s more than likely running CM7.

  14. pocketnowvideo says:

    @MrSastreen And then what? Go for coffee and discuss smartphones…

  15. bigsteamfan says:

    Fatty Booth.. hmm ? Does it have a slimming version too ? Not that I’m fat or anything…

  16. arofluv says:

    do u have a gingerbread rom? I thought the n1 did not have a stable rom for it yet…

  17. alymuni says:

    WOLFRAM ALPHA !!!!! Finally !!

  18. TheBappul says:

    lmao love what you did with the fatty booth!

  19. candymike4u says:

    How do you clean your N1′s trackball????

  20. MrSastreen says:

    We can find his address by triangulating with the theaters…

  21. xmripper says:

    Why Flowers Live Wallpaper is not smooth like in the video on my Nexus S :S

  22. akacowboyfan says:

    I agree with max.. i suggest just to leave the name of the app on the screen until u go to the next.. Love this!

  23. MaximilianPs says:

    thank you :)
    i wish to suggest to keep the title of the program that are you showing, somewhere on the screeen, so we know always which is it.

  24. MGApcPro says:

    Link to the new android market site instead :)

  25. Peesashiz says:

    Random number!

  26. shawyebkhan says:

    plz tell me how do i delete apps on this phone i dont kno how?

  27. rajeevuwarrier says:

    @blackpheonix200 hey there :) can we update this phone to gingerbread plzz reply waiting for it to get the phone
    nice review though

  28. blackpheonix200 says:

    @acuratlnigga Thanks for that :)

  29. blackpheonix200 says:

    @acuratlnigga Hey its Froyo 2.2

  30. acuratlnigga says:

    Are u using gingerbread 2.3 how did u get it please tell me

  31. acuratlnigga says:

    I’m watching this review on my optimus t. Good job brother.

  32. blackpheonix200 says:

    @ninja3frog Sadly no but you can get this wallpaper and many like it (vibrant live colours) using an application that is free from the Android market “Flikie Wallpapers HD” so just search for that in the android market

  33. blackpheonix200 says:

    @MrManideep007 Hey there its Launcher Pro

  34. ninja3frog says:

    Can you put a link of your phone wallpaper?

  35. blackpheonix200 says:

    @rajasimanta Hey there :) No errors or bugs yet. I have only had one problem with the network but fixed by reseting the phone to the Factory Settings. The phone overall is amazing. After Owning it for a while i realised the battery is kind of poor. By “kind of poor” i mean you shouldnt have GPS and wifi on non stop. Just when you need it.

    Thanks for watching

  36. rajasimanta says:

    nice video……I wanna buy the phone. Do you personally have had any problem regarding the phone, like some error or unwanted things, bugs any cons………please reply

  37. MrManideep007 says:

    which launcher is that

  38. beatstork says:

    I get ovet 1000 at the quadrant :)

  39. DhafirJohnson says:

    This is a great phone and is free at 5linxdeals,com

  40. Devastationable says:

    @blackpheonix200 quadrant benchmark :( some ppl blaming for LG ui or froyo from LG

  41. blackpheonix200 says:

    @Devastationable Hey yes brilliant phone it is indeed! Good that you got it. What do you mena below 500?

    Thanks For Watching! Jake

  42. Devastationable says:

    awesome phone i just sell my g1 for this, anyway why this phone in quadrant standard have score below 500? :(

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