Archos 7 HT Full Review

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The review of the Archos 7 Home Tablet 8GB I’ll be covering the browser speeds, video playback, music, apps store and the menu!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Archos 7 HT Full Review

  1. wickedguy11 says:

    does it have bluetooth?

  2. Mvv026 says:

    Ben je nederlands? Zoja, Wat vind je er van? Bevalt die? Snel en functies

  3. getkilled22 says:

    @Toxarch just the USB out.

  4. autoelektrikar says:

    jejda ty si jaky motak

  5. Toxarch says:

    Any wired video input? Or is it just the usb out?

  6. getkilled22 says:

    @arturzaczkowski No, doesn’t

  7. arturzaczkowski says:

    does it have camera?

  8. getkilled22 says:

    @noname28697 by touch, do u mean the touchscreen?
    if it is, then it is decent. it is not as good as an iPhone or iPod but it’s good

  9. noname28697 says:

    is this can have apps like the iphone and is the touch good?

  10. getkilled22 says:

    @jansoarte kheb da al geprobeerd en bij mij is da mislukt. mssn hebt gy meer geluk!!! als k nen tip mag geven, NI KOPEN

  11. jansoarte says:

    jeej nen belg XP van brecht nochwel maar ge moet flashplayer van adobe downloade en dan kan da spul blijkbaar wel op youtube

  12. getkilled22 says:

    @crabron69 it’s in appslib, just type in “keyboard” and it should give you my keyboard.

  13. crabron69 says:

    i want that keyboard how did you get it man can you email me how you got it plz anyone if you now how to get the keyboard plz email me plz

  14. getkilled22 says:

    @123iopdahkcres456 I got it from this website: wiki.archosfans just look for google apps! it’s pretty easy to find and install

  15. 123iopdahkcres456 says:

    how do you get the android market for the archos

  16. dnangel109 says:

    @getkilled22 i got that one already thanks

  17. getkilled22 says:

    @dnangel109 If you want some good apps, try mp3download. it’s an app that downloads free mp3′s straight on to your device!!

  18. getkilled22 says:

    @dnangel109 @dnangel109 I didn’t rooted my device but i kind of hacked it! the website is wiki.archosfans
    you can even choose between different one’s. There are a lot of features so be sure to check them all out, before u pick one

  19. dnangel109 says:

    ugh yes i hate that lol but i discover that if u have another home launcher instead of the stock its gonna make ur tablet slower ;/ and did u root urs? how ?and any apps recommendations ? im having a hard time trying to find good games playable and good apps

  20. getkilled22 says:

    @dnangel109 really? I don’t use my archos anymore.. It’s a little bit too slow! When there are more then 5 applications on the device, it starts to lag.
    Thanks for saying btw.

  21. dnangel109 says:

    @getkilled22 youtube

  22. getkilled22 says:

    @dnangel109 UTube or YouTube?

  23. dnangel109 says:

    @TheBgenS the new update of the firmware offers utube in hq and regular

  24. zikweed98 says:

    can u play game on this thing

  25. getkilled22 says:

    @TheBgenS The YouTube thing sucks!! I know. But the swype keyboard is something personal.. Do you like the standard keyboard?

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