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Best Android Apps

Best Android Applications – Multi Picture Live Wallpaper(free) Movies(free) Tank Hero(free) Buka lite(free) Evac(free)
Best Android Apps Rating: 5 / 5

Speedhero Magical Games App using Nokia N8 and Stalker Sport speed radar gun

Speedhero Magical Games App using Nokia N8. Finnish National Floorball Team player Otto Tikka shot a new world record 205.0 km/h. The record was measured with Speedhero Magical Games App using Nokia N8 and Stalker Sport speed radar gun. The record was made during the Finnish National Floorball Team training camp on 3 Nov 2010. Speedhero Magical Games App is now available
Speedhero Magical Games App Nokia N8 Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to Best Android Apps

  1. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @MrYupperific hey yeah your gonna want to search swipepad in the marketplace and once downloaded you you will set up which part of the screen you want to swipe to activate it -TheWiseMatthew

  2. MrYupperific says:

    how did u get the swype pad?

  3. MrYupperific says:

    how did u get the swype pad?

  4. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @Msrjs078308 your welcome just good to hear my video could help :)

  5. Msrjs078308 says:

    TY! Your video helped me! I have a Tablet n couldn’t figure out how to set my wallpapers!!!!

  6. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @slipknot2351 HTC EVO

  7. slipknot2351 says:

    What phone is that

  8. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @hugo11valdez I don’t have that picture anymore :(

  9. TheWiseMatthew says:

    @TimeWiseFilms Thanks :)

  10. Lawtsy15 says:

    Check out my channel for some Android Content

  11. hugo11valdez says:


  12. TimeWiseFilms says:

    your friend is a good artist :P i like that android picture on your homescreen

  13. Liamh111 says:

    It’s funny cuz in real floorball ur nOt allowed to put ur stick above ur waist so it doesn’t matter how hard ur slap shot is tak a real shot

  14. hey73269 says:

    If u can do 230 put it on you tube

  15. babyboy2544 says:

    That’s nothing. My shouts are way over 230. :p

  16. chohaninsha says:

    klar ein unihockeystock ist nicht das gleiche wie ein eishockeyschläger

  17. mikkibitti says:

    mikä maila toi on? viuhahtaa nii nopeesti ettei erota :O :D

  18. mikkibitti says:

    mikä maila toi on? viuhahtaa nii nopeesti ettei erota :O :D

  19. archezsss says:

    @danhabsfan9 hehe :) 17 holes, 23 grams.. and the stick is no more than 300g too.. thats how :)

  20. sakelius says:

    ohh awesome !

  21. stekensberg says:

    riktigt hög klubba?

  22. MegaMaddu says:

    @th3juice , sähly ehkä mut salibandy ei ;)

  23. Th3Juic3 says:

    @MegaMaddu Sähly on niille jotka haluis pelata jääkiekkoa muttei osaa luistella

  24. azzaxpwlolnage says:

    Thats a finnish guy!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

  25. FanCenaJohn says:

    no eihä tos mitään jos se reiteen osuis kyllä silläny kävellä ehkä vois sairaala reissun jälkee :)

  26. mangee96 says:

    @ertyli exakt

  27. ertyli says:

    hög klubba

  28. AAXIXAA says:

    Missä te treenaatte ja mikä team?

  29. iHuNtFaNtaStiCMuSiC says:

    0:26 kohassa ottaa kyllä mailasta ton vauhdin.. siis toi tutka mutta eihä sillä väliä ku ei se ees oo se ennätys… mutta sanoimpaha vaan

  30. SpeedheroTV says:

    @danhabsfan9 Ball is not that heavy and the shafts and blades are really high quality products. Otto has also a first class shot :)

  31. 14jammu says:

    Hyvä laukaus

  32. megaabbe123 says:

    @hockeypunk136 thats what you think, i think floorball is better.

  33. putkiaario says:

    repesin tota oijoijoijoi :D

  34. hockeypunk136 says:

    @megaabbe123 hockey is better then this pussy shit

  35. danhabsfan9 says:

    how do they should the ball so hard in floor ball?

  36. ihaurbo says:

    komee veto

  37. Rouhunaattori says:

    Fastest, not hardest i think. not the same thing

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