Best Android Tips and Tricks for New and Old Users – Your Questions my Answers

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Here are Steps and time stamps you can click and jump to and back from —Intro— —Home Screen & Themes— ADW Launcher EX 0:57 iKaNDee theme for CM7 1:10 —-Root Help?— Rooting 1:30 —Defaults— Taking off defaults 2:08 SwipePAd 2:18 Clear Defaults 2:37 Don’t clear your data 3:25 Moving Apps to SD 3:34 Uninstall Apps & force Stop 3:44 —Soft Keys Buttons— Secret Hold down Functions 3:50 Ultimate Favs Pro 4:27 —-Keyboard Changing— keyboard settings 5:03 SwiftKey X keyboard selection 6:02 —Wallpaper and Widget Setting— Add Widgets 6:40 Add Live Wallpapers 7:03 WP CLOCK 7:16 —Screen Lock / Lock Screen— How to Set different stock lock screens 7:35 Pattern Lock 7:46 Pin Lock 8:24 Password Lock 8:30 —Wifi & 3G & Data— Airplane Mode 8:43 Wifi 8:55 Blue Tooth 9:38 Tethering 9:44 Mobile Data Networks 9:48 Disable Data 10:22 —Text Pop Ups— HandCent SMS 10:51 ADW Gesture swipe 11:20 Stock Messenger 11:29 Disable stock notifications 11:50 Pop Up Text Test 12:12 Delete Text messages 12:49 —Magui my Bird =] — Say Hi 13:15 —File Manager— Files on your SD Card 13:21 Delete SD files 13:50 —Power Off— Force Close problems? 14:16 —End— Mission 14:46 =] My temporary website Im on Google+ https Follow me on or Follow me on
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25 Responses to Best Android Tips and Tricks for New and Old Users – Your Questions my Answers

  1. mrey555 says:

    Hey your bird is nice it reminds me of my parrot I had it for 17 Years

  2. pikositoypikao says:

    i want him to take us to the betty boop cafe!! ffs that should be amazing lol XD

  3. kyle110796 says:

    i have an htc hero and i have to delete texts when they reach about 200-1000 depending on how many i keep open, and one text wouldnt delete and its reached 3000+ texts and wont let me delete it and its making my phone lag alooot.. anyone else ever have this problem? if so pleeaaase respond to this or PM me.. thanks

  4. IHaveAnEvo1 says:

    @JDAVIDLITTLE Ya if you upgraded to gingerbread I am uploading the video on how to root that by tonight or tommorow


    @IHaveAnEvo1 do you have a tutorial anywhere on how to do that and what to do after you’ve rooted it? i will subscribe to you in return

  6. IHaveAnEvo1 says:

    @JDAVIDLITTLE Ya I doubt htc will ever update the normal evo now they have the evo 3d they do not want to give the same thing to the normal evo becasue if they do then no one will buy the evo 3d which has sense 3.0. Another thing is that the evo is not a dual core so the rom runs smooth but does lag sometimes. Rooting is probably the only thing that will get you sense 3.0.


    @IHaveAnEvo1 okay so i just looked at a few of your videos and what i’m guessing is, if i rooted my evo right now, i’d be able to get the htc sense update as opposed to later? will the sense update ever come for the stock evo?

  8. GoChaca says:

    Awesome video as always. Love your bird. Tell him my african grey says hello :)

  9. IHaveAnEvo1 says:

    @JDAVIDLITTLE Htc doesnt updgrade all there phones software at the same time. The shift got sense 2.0 while the evo still has 1.0 if you are rooted then you can get sense 3.0 like I have if you want to see how that looks you can check out some of my videos. Anyway if you go into settings and you have Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) then that is what the updated stock evo has. Rooting is cool had mine rooted from day one. Nice video coolosertech

  10. Fyuesiy says:

    Can you move widgets to SD card right before getting a new phone and then move them back to phone only so you dont have to reinstall the widget(s) ???

  11. daafies2 says:

    Coolosertech > google

  12. vilan33 says:


  13. liquidexclusive says:

    if you wanna watch full movies that are in the theater on your android phone get Top 10 Cinema in the market place!

  14. RealCellstar says:

    12:15 what app is that when u make u smartphone off? :)

  15. PlaYboYc3 says:

    This video should burn into an cd and every time someone buys a android phone they get the cd.

  16. Notyou2495 says:

    @trank369 it is probably just turned off in your settings.

  17. trank369 says:

    when im texting my phone went let me type in horizontal view like when i tilt it the keyboared doesnt tilt does anybody know how to fix this :(

  18. lonestarrida076 says:

    Just got that crt animation on my DX2 when you shut tha screen off..its nice. Keep up tha good work

  19. xjosh2724x says:

    how did you get that lil thing when you put your phone to sleep .. its like an old tv turning off but i like it

  20. JDAVIDLITTLE says:

    @guit4rm4ni4k are you saying i will never get the same updates that she has?

  21. sagasumomo says:

    Was that google goggle you have there sir?!!

  22. missgothika says:

    Refresh your phone ONCE a week??… i do it every day.. : /. With the task manager at night it is at.. 70.. 65. awful!

  23. guit4rm4ni4k says:

    @JDAVIDLITTLE The most likely reason is because she has a different phone than you altogether. She most likely has the HTC Evo Shift while you have the HTC Evo 4g which don’t use the same software updates

  24. MrSkilledd says:

    You are beast

  25. MRTHEMUEEZ says:

    Theres a free one called lock menu but it’s got ads

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