GameBoid Emulator App Tutorial run through for your Android phone

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1 of the many Popular game Systems ever ported to your android Device from this Developer (Yongzh) =] Download nearly all the GB games titles you know and love and the chance to try games you always wanted to try and play. Visit my temp Website If you want to follow me on Twitter its @ThaCooLoser and or Follow me on Visit For More Android Tech News and you can find my written app reviews on there too =].
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25 Responses to GameBoid Emulator App Tutorial run through for your Android phone

  1. SuperHackboy says:

    @draxgo meeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn 4shared all android apps are for free lookkk at it i download lots of apps from there only .apk :=))

  2. 146Jarrett says:

    i got both apps and when i go into gameboid it doesnt ahve the option select just browse and there is no roms! :(( please help :)

  3. 146Jarrett says:

    rom gripper doesnt work! :(( it just opens a white page with like saying roms for the systems nothing else

  4. 146Jarrett says:

    i ahve a xperia play. will this slow down my phone performance or anything like that?


    RIP rom gripper

  6. xXKiTheifXx says:

    Gameboid and TigerGBA wont work on my htc inspiron rooted and flashed with revolutionHD, its ridiculous how many bios’s I’ve downloaded and tested :C
    Please save me CooLoserTech

  7. blugtar87 says:

    @Dazrando me neither

  8. blugtar87 says:

    does your phone have to be rooted for this to work?

  9. Dazrando says:

    i cant find the GameBoid Lite on the market. need help here…..

  10. draxgo says:

    @CooLoserTech thanks in advance! :)

  11. mariodiaz5102 says:

    I can’t find the rim gripper on the market. Wat do i do?

  12. CooLoserTech says:

    @draxgo ill also put the link here in the description of course

  13. CooLoserTech says:

    @draxgo i will try and post it here soon, im going out right now and i will have it on my site at

  14. draxgo says:

    rom gripper isn’t free anymore.. :( and the search option can not find anything neither… :( can you provide us a soft copy of the bios please?

  15. ericmari0n says:

    I downloaded the app but I dint have a search or anything so I can’t run it what do I do

  16. loveshuffle55 says:

    tiger gba is better

  17. loveshuffle55 says:

    does this works on samsung galaxy S?

  18. chubikingston980 says:

    mine doesnt do dat it just says bios must be specified yo proper settings

  19. margo33 says:

    I’m having the same issue as many here the search option does not show up only browse & quit. I have the Droid X

  20. Famousguy916 says:

    on rom gripper when i click download it ses “connection failed plz check network” plz help

  21. DDLinewalker says:

    What is the difference between the lite and paid versions of this? Other than quick save?

  22. SuperShawnbell says:

    Whats The Name Of Your Clock ?

  23. Erestrepo92 says:

    Where can i get the Bios?

  24. ChRi12312 says:

    help mine dose not say search when you put when you open GBA BIOS

  25. xXSUBJECT3Xx says:

    ya mine only said browse

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