Golf on the Sony Ericsson Satio

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Demonstrating the performence of the Satio for touch screen games. We need more Symbian S60 5th games like this!

See how the N900 runs almost 30 applications at the same time and instantly switches between them. Your desktop PC would nearly stop at this point while the N900 is doing just fine and might as well run twice than that.Golf on the Sony Ericsson Satio Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Golf on the Sony Ericsson Satio

  1. savonet says:

    5530/5800 and n97 graphics are too slow because dont have grafics processor

  2. BFlossRaw730 says:

    link pls?

  3. viswa21 says:

    juz google

  4. deniscavale says:

    faster than iphone 4g. Amazing!

  5. abu8586 says:

    how u get all game in u satio??can i know web??i form malaysia…i have new satio..

  6. JPB0B says:

    cool I want that one :D

  7. htainlintha says:

    @therafah yes bcos they have no graphic accelerator :)

  8. honcc5 says:

    Download links please..

  9. steffen033 says:

    where have you download the gamme? Can you give me the link? Have you more games for the sony ericsson satio?

  10. steffen033 says:

    wo hast du das spiel herruntergeladen? hab das gleiche handys und finde keine gescheiten apps

  11. GoldenaxeTomi says:

    woher ladest du die games runter …ich kenne nur die seite mobile 9..
    bitte um Antwort …mfg tom

  12. marvin6df says:

    Where can we download this kind of games? can you give us a link? I downloaded games but many of them are very simple

  13. BobiBration says:

    Wo ladest du diese Spiele runter?

    wäre nett wenn du den link angibst!!!


  14. JacobBen94 says:

    does satio run on the same games as i8910 hd? also the n97 and n 5800?

  15. JacobBen94 says:

    where did u get these from? please!!

  16. Phoruz says:

    which site did you get this game from?

  17. Phoruz says:

    @cutepanchito i have had my satio for a few weeks now i am glad i got it the games on it are great

  18. fibiger12 says:

    website closed :(

  19. therafah says:

    5530/5800 and n97 graphics are too slow :(

    btw i have satio :D

  20. pelipeli says:

    i tried to play it on my nokia 5530.. it work 2 slow.. even both got s60 v5 satio got 600MGz and my nokia 434MGz..

  21. songcherpin says:

    i saw many games in your application.. can i know where u get all those satio mobile games?? and i wanna know how to install window messenger into satio.. thx!!

  22. ghostfaceofdeath says:

    satioworld *dot* com.. Join us Satio users. =]

  23. Aikay373 says:

    Please tell me where you got all those games…!!! =)

  24. ivannvrrs says:

    it cost me 100 € from vodafone spain ;)

  25. finalluis says:

    this mobile is hacked?

  26. walldoo89 says:

    Hahahaa. Słychać, że polak.xD
    Polak pozna polaka po akcencie. :P
    Upewniło mnie w pewnym momencie Napis ERA. xD

  27. DeadSOLz says:

    I was going to buy this phone before Android took over the world. :P

    Now I have a Galaxy S (damn proud of what it can do) but the N900 is still sooooooooo mesmerizing!!!!!!! :D

  28. Trillville43 says:

    Only second to Android bit that’s only if your playing fair and choose a phone with as much RAM other than that nice presentation and I almost got N900 until manufactures stepped up with hardware and android bloomed overnight

  29. ketongramirez says:

    best multitasking phone so far……
    better than Icrap!
    and Droidshit!

  30. ketongramirez says:

    i’m surprised that nokia did not continue such excellent phone! these phone can be considered as android and apple killer!

  31. LoquendoOCIOso0195 says:

    @mysymbian DOnt say that, it´s better than the shitty multitasking of my Samsung Galaxy S with 512 MB of RAM i cant do a massive multitasking like this without an app get force closed cause a lower RAM, sometimes my sgs get freeze and i have to reboot, but i get so impresive with the multitasking of your n900 and i´m considerating to change my SGS for one of that, what do you think about the change?

    PS: sorr if my english was bad

  32. djnekopaws says:

    @MrIluvmoney look up N950

  33. ElAdministrador says:

    hollyshit, he didn’t open facebook!!!

  34. MrIluvmoney says:

    @mysymbian Youre right. Despite i hate nokia, i have to admit, this looks not bad for 2009. So…why wasnt there any development to push that sw further? Underestimated? Did no one buy it? kinda sad :(

  35. KattiHatt says:

    Never said I know alot about “tech stuff” But i surley know more than you as you dont know the differnce between Capacitive and Restistiv screen.
    Who hasent used an iPhone? And as I said before, i never said that Nokia is better than Apple.
    FYI N900 uses the Resistiv screen, iPhone the Capacitive. And as before there is pros and cons with both technologies.
    I will leave you with that. Have a nice day!

  36. 33ehsan says:

    @KattiHatt katti, u think i dont know shit about tech stuff. I am afraid that you’re mistaken my friend.. i use to flash and update my n900 all the effing time… it sucked…have u ever touched the iphone?

  37. KattiHatt says:

    Never said that Nokia is better then Apple. But everyone is allowed to have their own opinions! But i suggest that you read on what the differences are cause i dont think you have a clue at all if you cant se the pros and cons in those technologies.

  38. 33ehsan says:

    @KattiHatt ive used the c7. touch was good for nothing and not to the point..u live under a rock if u think nokia is better then apple….

  39. 33ehsan says:

    @mikis78 be realistic….stylus is for low quality touch screens. :) have a nice day….

  40. KattiHatt says:

    What is your definision of a “real touchscreen”? The early Nokia touchdeviceses uses a restictive touch and ALL newer touchphones from Nokia uses the Capacitive screen.
    There is pros and cons on both those technologies :)

  41. 33ehsan says:

    @mikis78 have you ever had a phone with a real touch screen? like EVER!!

    you gotta do something about your grammar, kid!!

  42. mikis78 says:

    @33ehsan I have N900 and N8, soon N9 too. I am not have to face the truth, I have it right here in my hand.

  43. 33ehsan says:

    @gpower88 you cant afford a nice new iphone, so you better stick to your n900 till 2010 :)

  44. 33ehsan says:

    @mikis78 face the truth……the touch screen is not precise and misses hits that is why they put a stylus , get it now?

  45. tipu131292 says:

    If u want to know some information about this here to visit my site- ( )

  46. thesurfer369 says:

    BTW ..nice video..
    I see some nooB’s comparing this to iphone and android phones :P :P
    i phone is designed for ppl who dont understand technology…this is technology :P :P
    you can “dual boot” n900 with Android/Maemo/Meego…and you were thinking to buy an Android ?? :D

  47. gpower88 says:

    @reanimationxp hahahahaha apple fanboys know nothing about technology. the 2009 n900 will be stil better than the 2012 iphone 5gsx

  48. maemo5os says:

    N900 is best

  49. Kreciunku says:

    @mysymbian It’s Polish accent ^^

  50. Ashlak says:

    @reanimationxp One evidence more to show how stupid Apple users are.

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