[HD] [TuT] :: How To Flash Xbox 360 Samsung Drive With I-Xtreme 1.9 {New Firmware}

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A Tutorial on How to Flash A Stock Samsung TS-H943A with the NEW 1.9 FW Update. LINKS: JungleFlasher: www.jungleflasher.net iXtreme Firmware Pack (ALL VERSIONS): hotfile.com
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25 Responses to [HD] [TuT] :: How To Flash Xbox 360 Samsung Drive With I-Xtreme 1.9 {New Firmware}

  1. JBCRoWNMoDz says:

    @dhulla As I said before, I have flashed about 10 different xbox 360s using this method and not one of them has been banned from xbox live. Although this may be true for some people, I cannot say that this has happened to me.

  2. dhulla says:

    I’ve read that you shouldn’t power the DVD drive via the XBOX 360. The reason for this is because the 360 will notice that the SATA cable is unplugged and put this in a flag in ROM. Possible banning and/or flagging can occur because of this.

    Any truth to this?

  3. 59biskut says:

    umm.. my laptop has an e-sata/usb port on the side will it work when i connect the sata cord from my xbox to my laptop ??

  4. workingatthecarwash says:

    hey nvm thanks anyway i found out how to do it with imgburn and abgx

  5. workingatthecarwash says:

    haha!!! im just a big kid!!!! hey i gotta question what program do you use to burn backups…. and is there a tutorial anywhere for it??

  6. JoeCnNd says:

    @workingatthecarwash You said that just like my 1 year old says thank you… Lol. I always say it so don’t worry.

  7. workingatthecarwash says:

    yahhhhhhhhhhh tankU!

  8. TTGXenonvJtag says:

    when I try to install portio32 is said,

    The folder you specified doesnt contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with windows for x64-based systems. Can somone help me with this?

  9. brunorodrigues2060 says:

    Hi with the ck3 pro and pci sata card via 6421 do i need to have the tray half open?

  10. maasfoor says:

    will i still be able to play online with a flashed xbox using ur video to flash it and can you play it with both burned and original games? I would appreciate your help.

  11. JBCRoWNMoDz says:

    @snakeg310 Yes you will be able to play burned games with this flash.

  12. JBCRoWNMoDz says:

    @ThaReal6ix9ine Yes this will work on Windows XP.

  13. ThaReal6ix9ine says:

    my firmware says ms28?

  14. ThaReal6ix9ine says:

    will this work on windows xp?

  15. snakeg310 says:

    @JBCRoWNMoDz after this can I play a backup of my own xbox 360 games or do i need to do something else?

  16. brunorodrigues2060 says:

    @JBCRoWNMoDz How can i flash to stock?Do i have to open jungleflasher?And where it says save firmware i save it?I think my mobo is compatible.

  17. JBCRoWNMoDz says:

    @brunorodrigues2060 If your motherboard is compatible all you need is a sata cable. But yes you will need to flash to stock and update the dashboard before you can then reflash to 1.9.

  18. brunorodrigues2060 says:

    @brunorodrigues2060 Shit..lol.I thought i just have to do the update.For example,intro/device id,read,save the ofw,open target fw,post 13141..I thought it was only that to do.I thought the post 13141 did that.You can connect things directly to source?For example sata cable?Or you need other devices?A friend told me i needed ck3 lite/pro and via 6421 pci sata card.Is that true?Thanks for the reply.

  19. JBCRoWNMoDz says:

    @brunorodrigues2060 First you will need to flash the 1.6 back to stock firmware. Then you will need to update to the newest dashboard (2.0.13599 i believe) and then once you are on that dashboard with the original firmware you can go ahead and flash the drive with 1.9 firmware and choose the option POST 13141.

  20. brunorodrigues2060 says:

    Hi..Nice tut..But i need help,i´ve xbox360 elite,xtreme 1.6,my dash is 2.0.12625..My drive is samsung too.But in the lt+ 1.9 firmware i have to open target to post 13141 or pre 13141?

  21. ThaReal6ix9ine says:

    and jungle flasher says error, libusb0.dll is missing from computer?

  22. ThaReal6ix9ine says:

    intro/device id not working its just constantly saying re-sending vendor intro

  23. TheUsmanShaikh says:

    do i need via6421a sata pci card or i can hook up xbox drive on any port on any mb?

  24. oHaiinexD says:

    @JBCRoWNMoDz Hey! I fixed that portio64.sys error and now im waiting for a new SATA cable to arrive. But now my drive dosen’t seem to work :/ It’s like when i put qa disk in it, it says reading and never stop. I dont thnk its that other reading problem where after a while of sayin reading ut says open tray. It keeps sayin reading. When it did work, i acutally opened the drive up to see if the flash would work then (idk why lol). Then when i plugged it back in it didnt work.Is there any solution?

  25. WWESVR2009JeffHardy says:

    @JBCRoWNMoDz would you mind showing us in a video please , i appreciated

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