How to Change Your Voice Over Xbox Live/PSN

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25 Responses to How to Change Your Voice Over Xbox Live/PSN

  1. codytorrent says:

    @lilmagicmanjws It’s pretty sad that you cant afford”shit”.

  2. ghettozebra21 says:

    can u do this with turtle beaches x31?

  3. ghettozebra21 says:

    can u do this with turtle beaches x31?

  4. CurveXD says:

    Can i do this on trurtle beach px5? Please reply

  5. ajtoadboy12 says:

    i want to fuck your girl in the ass

  6. MrIskateelement says:

    can u do anything else if the headset doesn’t have removable mic

  7. ForlornCreature says:

    Where is the option to make the voices in black ops come out of the speakers so you can record it? I cannot find any option.

  8. MW2cultists says:

    @Glitchingmarksmen triton 720′s and idk pvr

  9. killingbeastxx says:

    did someone found a windows version for this?? if you have can you reply and lets thumb it up for ppl to see.

  10. Aheaddeath360 says:

    the third voice sounded like steve-o from jackass

  11. modernwarfaregod100 says:

    1:07 thumbs up if you laughed

  12. mrkoolaidman1st says:

    its just for little kids

  13. MyNameIsJiggy says:

    Or if you have a PS3, just go into settings, check off the voice changer, and move it by yourself! WOW, HOW CONVENIENT! Can I get a woot woot! (Really I just want a thumbs up :3)

  14. MyNameIsJiggy says:

    @YourGuy95 If you knew anything, no offense, but anyone with knowledge of electrical wiring, the male end is the one that (derp) looks like it has a penis, the female (derp) is the one that the male fits into. Sound familiar? Ya, thats a quick tutorial :3

  15. Glitchingmarksmen says:


  16. YourGuy95 says:

    lol wtf is all this male to male female to male shit.

  17. liltugb0at says:

    @Nnnerdo you said “This is for Xbox. No one cares about Ps3.” so either you have an xbox and just jump on the bandwagon about ps3 v. xbox or you are saying no one cares about the ps3 and you have one. this video can be used for the ps3 OR xbox because they both have space for those cords in the video to go into wither system. duhhhhh dumbo in the fumbo! <3

  18. KakashiFrk says:

    The PlayStation3 comes with a voice changer. Xbox sucks.

  19. Nnnerdo says:

    @liltugb0at “Same plugs”? And you said the playstation has a built in voice changer, and I said no one cares (with all due respect) what does this have to do with “plugs”?

  20. Clutch28j says:

    @ChickenStrups He is talking about the controller.

  21. kylethehedgehog101 says:

    what’s a live transmitting voice changer program for PC?

  22. ChickenStrups says:

    you say your head set should b wireless but it looks like yours is wired

  23. liltugb0at says:

    @Nnnerdo ….. the xbox and ps3 have same plugs.

  24. ipwnukazu says:

    @Nnnerdo how is this for xbox this also says psn even though u can do it built in

  25. Cronizone says:

    1 million people jerked to your wife

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