How to Install Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900 – Guide/Tutorial

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Installing Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900 – Guide/Tutorial ============================================================= A guide/tutorial on how to install the game Asphalt5 on your Nokia N900. Feel free to comment or ask questions. If you find this video helpful then please Rate it :-) Thanks If the game still doesnt work then you can try the following fix: Go into x terminal sudo gainroot 1. mkdir -p /media/internal 2. cd /media/ 3. chown -R user:root internal/ 4. chmod -R 755 internal/ 5. mkdir -p /home/user/webos/gamesave 6. cd /home/user/ 7. chown -R user:root webos/ 8. chmod -R 755 webos/ 9. ln -s /home/user/webos/gamesave /media/internal then test to see if it works by running it as instructed in video let me know how it goes:) (credit to zhandro @ Here is another fix you can try if you still don’t get it to work: $ mkdir -p /home/user/webos/gamesave $ ln -s /home/user/webos/gamesave /media/internal $ chown -R user:root /home/user/webos/ $ chmod -R 755 /home/user/webos/ $ chown -R user:root /home/user/webos/gamesave $ chmod -R 755 /home/user/webos/gamesave (Thanks to Phillip for pointing this out. who discovered from Check this list to see what other games work: How to delete/uninstall a game —————————————– •Run preenv and cd to the game-folder $ preenv $ cd game-folder •Become root and use desktopgen to delete the menu entry

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25 Responses to How to Install Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900 – Guide/Tutorial

  1. cristityy says:

    There is a easy way.Go to app manager and download webos manager.after install just fiind the game on google.ex:nfs.ipk,asphalt 5.ipk,avatar.ipk free download and enter on the “filecrop”.download it and copy/past to mass storage or anywere you want in the webos manager and install the game.Sorry for the bad english.Have fun

  2. 360NextLevel says:

    @ash211092 see description, now updated

  3. ash211092 says:

    how do i uninstall a installed game???

  4. connectingindian says:
    download via torrent for .ipk files

  5. tabsha22 says:

    give me some site address

  6. ImranRazak14 says:

    can u tell me when i should copy the apps folder and when the folder?? plz help me

  7. jvangent says:

    Great work! alost as easy as the NFS game =) thanks mate!

  8. morta93 says:

    @360NextLevel I am trying for several hours,
    can’t seem to find a legit link..
    Can’t you pm me with a link or something… ?

  9. 360NextLevel says:

    @morta93 you could try searching on google……..but for obvious legal copyright reasons I’m unable to provide people with the actual files

  10. morta93 says:

    What a fken great tutorial, no tips or link where the fk i can get the .idk file(s)…

  11. LAADUDI says:


  12. LAADUDI says:


  13. zeyeerboost says:

    Does it has to be file from Palm Pre

  14. 360NextLevel says:

    @DarkAnubis88 think of fixes as patches, certain games require an extra step that will allow them to work. Please check the video and see the description as it shows you what you need to do.

  15. DarkAnubis88 says:

    @360NextLevel Hi i’m italian,I don’t understand about fixes,because i have the same problem of majoranas “when i start the game and i press race its load then turns off the game”can you explain me please?Thanks

  16. 360NextLevel says:

    @aniketcool06 please see description

  17. aniketcool06 says:

    how to uninstall game

  18. good2333 says:

    hi i Did Every THing Correct but when i enter this cd /home/user/applications/ is says can`t cd /home/user/applications/


  19. 360NextLevel says:

    @majoranas you haven’t done the fix that’s why, please see description for fixes

  20. majoranas says:

    when i start the game and i press race its load then turns off the game
    why ??? :S

  21. skoa99 says:

    you’ll find link for deb file on a same page – read a bit man :) – and install is in 8 steps only

  22. 000abhay says:

    but i have downloaded .ipk file not a .deb file…

  23. skoa99 says:

    @000abhay s
    sorry about thet doesnt let me to post link :(
    but :) googl in this: N900 Tutorials: ASPHALT 5 – WebOs games easy instalation Tutorial
    and page which u gat n you’ll see

  24. skoa99 says:

    try this link;
    it very easy install + more games ;)

  25. ankushnabh says:

    @360NextLevel thanx for the reply i got it working fine through the shortcut some how but now ive got another problem.the game runs fine with some cars but when i play with audi r8 and nissangtr,etc in some races in las vegas it just shuts there a fix for that?

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