How to make Sin Cara ( Mistico ) On WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 / SVR 2011 ( tutorial )

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How to Create Sin Cara In Smackdown vs Raw 2011 In HD ! Learn how to make Sin Cara from the WWE ! FNJimmy has been watching wrestling all of his life. So when we decided to recreate some matches for Survivor Series 2010 and Smackdown VS Raw 2011 didn’t have Wade Barrett available, FNJimmy stepped up to the plate and created the superstar right before our eyes. If You would like to see more Subscribe ! There is DLC for Smackdown VS Raw 2011 that includes Wade Barrett and it called Fan Axxess. This DLC is available now on Xbox live and PSN, however it will not unlock Wade Barrett until the “Holiday season.” When we did this taping I searched high and low to find out what the details are of this DLC exactly are. After my research and digging arond the internet, I came to the conclusion that if you download the Fan Axxess DLC, you would get Wade Barratt right away. This was not the case and it doesn’t really say that anywhere. It was confusing to me. Have a look at these links for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments below. The only thing I could guarantee is that we weren’t going to unlock Bret Hart. Here are the steps : 1. make it ! song ! 3.make entrance ! ! Hope you like it! Comment, like and Subscribe! Ignore: You can download it from the Svr 2011 Community Creations searching as tag: Dxario – Carlito – Colon I’ve uploaded it as EDITABLE, so you can adjust moveset (i haven’t spent much time on it, honestly), put his own music in the
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25 Responses to How to make Sin Cara ( Mistico ) On WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 / SVR 2011 ( tutorial )

  1. wweandwwfgames says:

    @OcaTorchProductions yeah i think your right i will if theres nothing else because now i have like 15 other karacters that i have to make !

  2. OcaTorchProductions says:

    you should probably go into more detail about sin cara’s mask, that part pissed me off

  3. jasonandersonx says:

    can we make botched finishers for him in create a finisher too? so it can be truely authentic!

  4. UltimateOpportunist2 says:

    I did everything I had to do but I stopped at the paint to data bit

  5. Wolfsburg585 says:

    Everyone who boo’s this is dumb, i have yet to see a better looking Sin Cara CAW on YouTube other then this one. Stop hatin’ on a good creation he probably spent alot of time on.

  6. saskie22 says:

    @wweandwwfgames No, bad colours.

  7. wweandwwfgames says:

    @saskie22 good ! :)

  8. MegaSnoopey says:

    fucking gay you need an online pass

  9. BornMika says:

    @Dillman909 In WWE? Naturally, Sin Cara is Mistico, a Mexican luchador whose real name is Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde (going by Wikipedia).
    He was suspended for 30 days, being written off at Money in the Bank, though returned earlier with a different superstar under the mask. This time it was a wrestler from WWE’s development area FCW named Hunico, who previously wrestled as Incognito ASWELL as a character named Mistico, which he had to change due to copyright, when he became Mystico.

  10. Jeffhaty says:

    This is shit you asshole

  11. StarShipPain17 says:


  12. jojo911701 says:

    song plz?

  13. wweandwwfgames says:

    @ThePawelek2000 sorry i dont know dragonfly can you tell me who or what it is ?

  14. ThePawelek2000 says:

    fucking awsome can i ask you a question… how to make dragonfly

  15. DAVIDT556 says:

    colers to dark

  16. joaoperez98 says:

    for psp its work?

  17. 22jdjd says:

    What About PSP This Guy Is Kinda Hard For Me to Make on psp


    no whait realy tat’s not a wwe 12 xD ¬¬ very good man

  19. WrestleManiaMan1000 says:

    wtf i paused this video and its still playing???

  20. Bandalero321 says:

    The NEXUS xD

  21. bloxxer0067 says:

    upload him to comunity creations

  22. papertrailTIP says:


    A drug addict.

  23. Killer81030 says:

    but i have ps3 how do i get it

  24. hotel1230 says:


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