HUGE ANIME CONTEST 2 – ends sept 2011

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Hi everyone sorry or the delay, was busy looking things up. anyway wtch the video OR just read the description after this. good luck to all NOTE TO ALL : you can have 2 entries overall, there fore you can if you want do one amv and one drawing or 2 amvs or 2 drawings etc, but no more than 2 sorry. bellow is what is in the the video if you cant be bothered to watch it through. LINKS First channel to Second channel to sub : Twitter : FB page: Android app download : on an android phone for installation Hi guys, sorry this is late, been bust looking for a lot of good prizes, i wanted to make this a MASSIVE contest with lots of physical prizes, who i have got…you’ll find out about that in a min. Anyway, here we go the beginning of the 3rd anime contest =D like always here are the rules. digital drawings and hand drawings are both fine and may be judged as 2 categories. no tracing is allowed or claiming stuff to be yours. otherwise copying etc is okay. any amv is fine, and video games are accepted also. this will be a separate category. anything else like fandubs etc will be judged as a misc category. there are obvious things we wont accept like stolen stuff, and we will look at each case before it is accepted. so upload and see what you get. the contest will end on the 10th of September. i know its far but the nEVERYONE can enter. and as you know from last time, i WILL deliver results in every way
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How to get youtube work on nokia c3

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50 Responses to HUGE ANIME CONTEST 2 – ends sept 2011

  1. 12slipper says:

    can i post it onto deviant art cause my cam broke and i dont have a tablet

  2. EdElric666 says:

    @whackyninja myself and 3 judges are going to decide between us

  3. whackyninja says:

    Just curious but who/what decides the winner?

  4. joseph13iy says:

    Hey I’m sorry but only one of my Amvs got in so could you judge my Naruto Phenomenon and my zatch bell losing you pleease you will probably have to go to my channel for them awesome contest by the way

  5. byakuya9444 says:

    on the video response, do we show which drawings we are submiting, or is that just to confirm we are participating?

  6. RageQuitFox says:

    I do have a questions, can you use multiple animes?

  7. masterminion34 says:

    Another follow-up question… What brand and model are the earphones?

  8. EagleEye35789 says:

    ok man this looks ligit. i’ll join, just making sure I can make any 2 amvs any send them in right? also where do u want me to send the videos or publish them or what? could u give me a link or something thx

  9. darkharness1 says:

    ok, ill enter, it’ll take some time since im gonna put so much effort into it but ill post it soon. I just wanna make this clear, if i post a hand drawn drawing, will it go into the “hand drawin” category(is there one?)? And if i win the category, i get the earphones? or just the subs from the competitors?

    Please reply, thanks.

  10. chocolatekitten6 says:

    wow. this looks easy. it is so fun competeing with you guys. GOOD LUCK

  11. thekillua says:

    Can you please delay it one more month?

  12. drawingcolors says:

    WOW ALOT OF PEOPLE ENTERING!!!! 0.0 but i”ll try and see what happens sense i am new at making video’s so, WISH ME LUCK!!!

  13. PCHavoc says:

    My 2nd entry can’t be uploaded as a video response, because youtube wont allow the audio. You can find it here though. amvhelldotcom/videodotphp?do=viewdetails&videoid=898

  14. 19superfrost says:

    srry i couldnt upload any other videos

  15. PCHavoc says:

    For some reason my video response wont show up, so here are the links


    I consider it a Cinematic AMV, or at least that’s what I’m calling it… because I don’t know what else to call it.

  16. thekillua says:

    IF ONLY WE HAVE A BIT MORE TIME.. can you please make it until Octobter???
    I really wanna make my second AMV, kind of busy these days!

  17. megkingo says:

    So does the submission have to be about animes or can it be fan-made? This contest sounds like a ton of fun, so I really want to enter!

  18. ElxirDeMuerte says:

    I have no skills to participate.

  19. XxGrimmZxVidZ says:

    umm question does the drawing have to be sent by video and can it be any kind of drawing or just anime

  20. XxGrimmZxVidZ says:

    ill give it a least it will be fun

  21. anhtruong21 says:

    ok ill draw

  22. Daotse says:

    Umm…if we’re doing a drawing, do we send it to you as a picture or do we just make a video of the drawing?

  23. EdElric666 says:

    @AMVfact0rY yep thats right

  24. AMVfact0rY says:

    so i only have 2 sub other ppl when the results of the contests are there right?

  25. cartunegirl56 says:

    This sounds really cool, if I have time, I’ll probably do a drawing and an AMV!!
    One question- Are we allowed to use any fan-made material in an AMV entry? For example, fan arts, MADs, or fan made animations? Or only real clips from an actual anime? Please respond, thanks!

  26. theprinceofsea says:

    i don’t know about the dlink which you enter to set
    please tell me know
    thanks so much!

  27. MrSief34 says:

    I have P-link router it has a diffrent interface how can I do this configuration thing?

  28. FARHANWAJI says:

    please please please please tell me how to do this on tp link

  29. ThePhoneUpdate says:

    Just tried this on a Nokia X3-02 and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much, should come like this by default!

  30. mughirakhan says:

    bro please explain the router thing. I use a linksys router and it has a different interface! if you cant tell the exact configuration for linksys then tell me the overview! i’ll figure it out!

  31. teofaouaz says:

    Thanks for posting this, buddy. Port forwarding really solved the straming issue. Just one technical question: I have tried some port ranges that haven’t worked, like 2000 to 10000, 10000 to 20000. When I set 2000 to 30000, it works! I wonder why…

  32. mantenbrink says:

    i only did thre streaming thing on my mobile fhone and it worked!!!!
    Now i can watch nyan cat all day long!!

  33. Goskii002 says:

    i did all those settings and stuff but it wont work it always says ”no resoponse try again” what am i supposed to do? :(

  34. 333arshad says:

    I have Nokia C3-00, I want to watch the files on my C3 which i have downloaded from youtube on my system. Can somebody show me the way?

  35. 333arshad says:

    I have Nokia C3-00, I want to watch the files on my C3 which i have downloaded from youtube on my system. Can somebody show me the way?

  36. arushd1 says:

    @star120694 all dlinks are the same OMG or are very similar user interface!!!

    to get to your router for starters go to address bar and type then ask you to login. If you never configured your router that way everything will be default. so username will be admin and password remains blank

  37. star120694 says:

    hmpf…. we have Dlink but its wireless N 150,, and I dont know how to use it!!!!!
    what should i do? i really want to watch youtube in my phone,,,,….

  38. Nikki2k1O says:

    when i go into internet etc, it says access denied n all this crap about being above 15 >:( help?

  39. hyloy says:

    tq. it works

  40. manta0812 says:

    What is i use a different wifi connection do i still need to config. again?? and again

  41. ClickerTV says:

    is this a good mobile for chatting?….r there official apps?……I just want WiFi with a qwerty keyboard…..can u suggest something ?…….I just want it for chatting on hotmail, facebook, etc………n it should not be an Android :p


  42. slettebjorn says:

    @arushd1 i have a problem my nokia c3-00 will play youtube with my normal internet , but not with my wifi conection so i must pay for youtube everytime i look on it . and sorry for my bad english ;)

  43. HelloKitty25xox says:

    i don’t get tha whole d-link part at all..! I tried it but it won’t save my settings or put in an ip address?

  44. HelloKitty25xox says:

    wen i go on 2 d-link, it says i have an invalid web address? how do i change my web address? :P

  45. chokoshtroko says:

    thank you :)

  46. BayakTodang says:

    hey, i use nokia x2-01. does this work on my phone? please answer me.

  47. sajeelshabir says:

    thanx a lot ma youtube is working now…!!

  48. MrJack11114 says:

    great phone

  49. mehtab687 says:


  50. aussiekid4044 says:

    @arushd1 oh alright cool thanks tho

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