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The Adventures of Tintin For iPhone and iPad

Relive Tintin’s adventures in the official game of the movie, full of exploration & mystery!

Mobile Games Rating: 5 / 5

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50 Responses to Mobile Games, The Adventures of Tintin

  1. chinat0wnman says:

    You see? Because its not freemium it reached 92% positive likes! But the freemium games have all just dislikes! So pls! Just make games wirhout freemium and innapps! -.-

  2. idiotbox901 says:


  3. saqo994 says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee make this game for arm v6 too

  4. iamlikesoweird says:

    Such a great game on my Acer Iconia Tab :-)

  5. porchmonkeyHUN says:

    Thats a great ipod game, but a lil bit easy…i think…great graphic and story!

  6. angryKratos says:

    Uncharted 3 wannabe?

  7. pennevl says:

    to watch this goto:

     leakedmovies . biz

  8. MrAppWalkthrough says:

    The last good game Gameloft released in 2011. All the games after that are sh*t

  9. thecmonster93 says:

    great movie! just saw it tonight and i was very impressed. great story line and great animation! anybody wanting to see it i highly recommend it!

  10. IphoneParkTv says:

    Grossartiges Spiel :D !!!

  11. boltfreak98 says:

    yes, but they still switched up some things and removed alot of scenes. But you probably know that already :D

  12. gvcdkg says:

    I’m going to see the movie tonight. Is the game the same as the movie?

  13. soubido says:

    Uncharted: Tintin Edition 

  14. ColinLyonBarrow says:

    I’m a tinger

  15. inaudiblelime58 says:

    This game has NO CORE, we should find out in the trailer what were guna do!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. JosueMoralesC says:

    Looks great!

  17. GamerDECODED says:

    Go to my CHANNEL and watch the GAMEPLAY!!


  18. RaptorGioSamsung says:


  19. SOADslipsURknot says:

    @doorvesh you probably mean the console version which has flopped tremendously but is a separate game not developed by gameloft

  20. anichiba says:

    i go check gameloft’s channel everyday hoping i’ll see mc3 fora android

  21. namnam02gmail says:


  22. serkan17tevez says:

    güzel :{

  23. serkan17tevez says:

    güzel :{

  24. serkan17tevez says:

    güzel :{

  25. thelordnic69 says:

    0:48 that is some nintendo 64 sand shape !

  26. ruoiut says:

    good job ! pls creat more video . I like it :)

  27. justinyoung864 says:

    hey kenny ! amazing…

  28. charlespeterson8 says:

    It is lovely.

  29. skyyyyy6 says:

    hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot…hoot..

  30. lucasbarnes41 says:

    Thumbs up !!!

  31. michaelperry752 says:

    give me that camera …lolz

  32. sandersandrew342 says:

    I very love him !!!!

  33. christian43434 says:

    nice video with nice points!

  34. christianwashington0 says:

    wow, fantastic video =D

  35. levibarnes78 says:

    nicely made, <3 love it :D

  36. jacobrogers896 says:

    fantastic video. nicely done!!

  37. joshuaroberts827 says:

    hey kenny you keeping real !

  38. clarkanthony113 says:

    Amazing video!!!

  39. ar8452181 says:

    this rocks

  40. kingnicholas851 says:


  41. justinyoung864 says:


  42. charlespeterson8 says:

    beautifull performance!!

  43. skyyyyy6 says:

    Very good!

  44. lucasbarnes41 says:

    The best!!

  45. michaelperry752 says:

    nice one, love it!!!

  46. sandersandrew342 says:

    A song that was way ahead of it’s time!

  47. christian43434 says:


  48. christianwashington0 says:

    love the video!!

  49. levibarnes78 says:

    Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!

  50. jacobrogers896 says:

    Yea, just saws that…LOL

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