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Official Game from the hit movie Fast & Furious 5 (with QRcode inside the vid!) This game is presented to you on a Samsung Galaxy S II with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread RATE ,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL !!! Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter – Subscribe our channel –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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36 Responses to Modification and Fal Gameplay

  1. smokeymacpot024 says:

    hi haters. lol

  2. harrisonfoord says:

    the funny thing is he is doing all of the things he says people do on this map

  3. thawthug says:

    Wat r jell tabs..?

  4. Tonibeats5 says:

    Plz check out my techno remix! Its really worth it. itd something new its somethig differen!

  5. TheNish10 says:

    Sir what are u smokin in real life u will hear some one walking in war inless u are deaf as hell u will hear feet and gear rattling around you u dumb ass

  6. DoOrDieSniperFi says:

    Don’t act like you know about war, it’s a fucking video game dickhead.

  7. junebug0451 says:

    In mw2 so many people use direct mods but in privet matches I think that’s is fine it on split screen cause it isint effecting online

  8. DrunkenDiego says:

    I like how hes talking about people camping while he is.

  9. MrRaptur3 says:

    You suck

  10. spoonersim says:

    I use nf fal and m14 m16 and ak4u and ak47 but mostly sigle shot weapons and I pone and I’m rank 38 still working on prisdege I hate pristege

  11. LaosT5 says:

    I kinda agree headsets give an advantage them again it’s just surround sound I’m sure people have surround sound installed on there TVs for everyday purposes.

  12. ingodsarmz97 says:

    Like JIVETURKEY600 said. Don’t compare video games to real life damn.

  13. WeShallC says:

    That’s how I play I kill one or two, in an area they want there revenge kills I kill them again. By now there like camper. I move to a line of sight where I can see the spot I was in. And pop them from another location plus any backup they might have. Then I go to a different part if the map and repeat. Once the BBird is up it’s a mad dash for kills. Hopefully by then my team gets another Bird and we rape them till they all rage quit.

  14. EndofDays213 says:

    Obviously of you want to be good you gotta develop a plan not juss rush in like an idiot which is most people do. I don’t camp but I do watch my back and if camping is helps you develp your skill plan fuck it your a better player than me (doubt it).

  15. andysanj says:

    @TheImmaculateAR I agree with you.

  16. danteslight says:


    He is talking about corning/line of sight camping.

    Staying in a general area near the center of the map and moving side to side isn’t really camping. It isn’t rushing, but that is just playing smart.

    I personally rush 90% of my matches, but I don’t mind when a person staying in a general area kills me, I am however pissed as hell when a corner camper that aims at a door and waits for me to walk through it kills me.

  17. danteslight says:


    Bud, he said rapid fires are “direct” mods.Ones that shouldn’t be allowed.

    Headsets are “indirect” as in ones that give you an advantage if the other guy might not have a setup that is as good.

  18. EndofDays213 says:

    Obivously of you want to be good you gotta develop a plan not juss rush in like an idiot which is most people do. I don’t camp but I don’t watch my back and if camping is helps you develp your skill plan fuck it your a better player than me (doubt it).

  19. UnrealSnipa says:

    lol u died with black bird FAIL

  20. R4P3GamingClan says:

    @TheImmaculateAR You are dumb. Many people still play on Standard.

  21. lopezy2006 says:

    so taking ur controller apart and adding a chip to it is not a mod u make no sense but buying a head seat is that is the funny is thing iv ever heard

  22. icymanipulator75 says:


  23. AthorW says:

    FN fal is good

  24. TheImmaculateAR says:

    @R4P3GamingClan LMAO. The game is ment to be played in HD thats why all xbox’s have the ability to have Hd or HDMI cables. If you still play in standard def you are 10 years behind and thats your fault. And you can sound whore with you tv turned up i used to use turtle beaches all the time but now with black ops i just use my tv sound because the sound sucks and a headset does nothing.

  25. burner9111 says:

    I hate indirect mods that aren’t on minecraft.

  26. chairmansaab says:

    @CALMlimited Thanks for reply. i uninstall game several times and delete gamedata once.Can you tell me if the following games are work on your mobile or not(if you tested these).
    Shadow gaurdian.
    Monster madness.
    Modern combat 2(1 runs fine on mine).
    Dungeon defender 1 and 2.
    Hero of sparta.( its say this is not original copy)
    Sacred odyssey.
    Asphalt 6.
    Waiting for your reply mate.thanks

  27. abdcom84 says:

    @ELLELL99 mee 2 :p

  28. princymihawk says:

    @silvinhofutsal10 Ludacris- furiously dangerous

  29. cowboysfanzz77 says:

    Looks slow

  30. CALMlimited says:

    In your phone uninstall the game and delete the folder :/gameloft/games/gloftF5HP and then reinstall the game, maybe it works then.
    Sorry, but I can’t upload the app aswell not on the blog channel. I puchased the game from gameloft for only 99 eu-cent on one of their u could say give-a- ways basicaly and it works fine one my s2, haven’t rooted my phone aswell…maybe thats why?!

  31. chairmansaab says:

    Hey dude can u please upload apk file of fast five which are u using. I downloaded this game but not finding any solution to make it work
    If u have any other details please share..
    Btw I have galaxy s2 stock rom rooted (i have chainfire3d too)

  32. ELLELL99 says:

    Woo you have a Galaxy S2 like meh ^_^

  33. Jamescoe18 says:

    very lagy :(

  34. CALMlimited says:

    @Eddyx8 The track name is hidden in the Tags list!

  35. Eddyx8 says:

    Musik ?

  36. silvinhofutsal10 says:

    nome da musica?

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