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Available now on the Ovi Store: James Cameron’s Avatar HD! Go deeper into the spectacular world of James Cameron’s Avatar and embark on a journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to the events in the film. store.ovi.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to N8 Gaming – Avatar HD

  1. GrayMadFaN says:

    игры уровня 9.3, только не притормаживают

  2. FieryMastermind says:

    @vagos290189 too bad it does :D

  3. dexter2604 says:

    LOW do you even saw Galaxy s2 ?? pff nokia lame

  4. seymark2 says:


  5. jaychou1994 says:

    Nokia loyalist (better way of saying fanboy) always compares their device to Apple products because that is the only thing it could compare with, come on, your comparing your new devices with a one-year-old iPhone 4, compare it with something newer would ya?

  6. vagos290189 says:

    too bad its not playing so smooth in real life .

  7. iRoxproductions says:

    @RetroShinigami fucking hate apple went today to buy an iPad cuz the iPad 2 is plastic and shitty an costs like 100 dollars more and they saidmthey dont sell anymore iPad1s. screw apple. i have an ipod and i wish my n8 had cod zombies at least on it …

  8. HAR1S123 says:

    Nokia is behind competition.

  9. dmacontop says:

    Huge Nokia customer but not a sucker anymore…
    How much RAM does it have?
    How much storage memory?
    Whats the OS? Symbian underperformed!
    Like the N97 do they force u to install their apps in “c” drive causing serious memory problems?

    Do you still have to buy necessary but business software like pdf reader/word/excel etc?
    Do they still force u to keep useless bloat apps like JoikuSpot, Boingo etc ?
    Does video player format support popular formats or codecs? N97 sucked
    Does it support flash?

  10. Achiliesguy21 says:

    @spriteway9 ovistore obviously

  11. jibinjosekm says:

    @ruzaidi1980 symbian is good but why nokia going to take Microsoft operating system in their phones,this already announced by them

  12. spriteway9 says:

    I GOT N8 TODAY where i can download games for it !!!

  13. AlexMangekyo says:

    @AsdAsdAsdDasDsaDsa And what’s the prob ?

  14. mruppel2 says:

    wow look at these graphics!

  15. MrDjNickone says:

    too bad cause NGP will kick all of these asses… :P

  16. Acr0Kid says:

    “I see you”

  17. Porkulus says:

    This phone might win in everything except gaming. Because showcasing a game like this makes me want to stay away from this phone very much.

  18. avoavo2 says:

    The game Avatar is a “new” version of the game Tarazan :D :P

  19. ruzaidi1980 says:

    Yes my friend. you’ve got the point. lots of iphone boys will stated that their iphone win in every aspect, yes its true and most of them don’t have any idea how powerful and big the symbian are.

  20. mihayyyyyy says:

    @ruzaidi1980 I definitely agree with you. Symbian will catch up with other O. Systems. It will even be better because nokia said that they will constantly provide updates.

  21. ruzaidi1980 says:

    Symbian 3 is much way faster than 60v5. almost three times. check it for your self. I have Iphone4 and n8 and bothare same in speed but lots of credit given to N8 and YES I AM IPHONE FANBOYZ.

  22. tizian24 says:

    wanna have 64 emulator on this phone :D

  23. 2silvertv says:

    @mircea93cj Symbian sucks!

  24. djmilo2 says:

    @htainlintha its been nice arguing with you for weeks btw ;)

  25. 3RunIsMyLife says:

    game good…nokia shitty as always

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