Nokia N900 Games Review

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Tommy decides to take an in-depth look at what games come preloaded on the Nokia N900. There are a total of four games preloaded on the N900, and hopefully more to come with the soon-to-be launched Ovi Market. For more cell phone news as well as cell phone reviews, visit

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25 Responses to Nokia N900 Games Review

  1. MonovarNSK says:

    Ios rulezzz, this is bullshit

  2. techdude2121 says:

    coz YOU r not worth it!

  3. NationDefender says:

    hmm.. as per the OVI pc suit and *#0000* I have the latest fw installed V 3.2010.02-8

  4. techdude2121 says:

    @1986maac there are car games, like need for speed, u can find it if u google..

  5. techdude2121 says:


    ur the only one i saw here who cant us *# , videocalls; and who is bored for lack of games on n900?? lol, dude get the latest firmware Pr1.3 , alot of ur pain is fixed and there a more games on n900 u have to know where to get them…

  6. NationDefender says:

    seems like Maemo has abandon their users :(
    *NO good games..
    *No solution for battery drain,
    *No Video calls, AKA no use of front cam
    *Can’t dial operater codes with * #

  7. bashar01911033486 says:

    its a boring mobile.

  8. freakyshadow1995 says:

    @azfaarkabir u can go 2

  9. azfaarkabir says:

    GUys from where i get n900 games plzzz help me

  10. AnnoyingPrince says:

    Woah… Your a chess expert..

  11. nazmuse12345 says:

    you’re battery running low~

  12. XTakedoxX says:


  13. HQrip says:

    @07liberian You may follow the progress here:

  14. GeekTeen says:

    All the pre-loaded games can be found on the n810 and n800 :(.
    Except for maybe chess but you can just get a 3rd party app of chess.

  15. rocko306x says:

    @makemebad351 same question…anybody??

  16. 07liberian says:

    @makemebad351 I Got A Nintendo N64 Emulator On My Nokia N900, Is There One For iPhone ?

  17. makemebad351 says:

    Can it play Halo 3 or odst or MW2 or Gears of War or Mass Effect 1 + 2 or any FPS

  18. rccte89 says:

    @jokerjoe1097 yes you sure can

  19. mobydick9629 says:

    @jokerjoe1097 Hell Yer

  20. FuzzaGaming says:

    N900! FTW! iPhone… SMD. Sorry :D

  21. jokerjoe1097 says:

    Can you download apps on it like the iPhone app store?

  22. NarowAR07 says:

    hahah the captions are hilarious for this vid XD “the kids will be million nine hundred” XD

  23. alanstrainor says:

    These games have been on the maemo platform since it was release with the N770. The N900 is capable of far far better games.

  24. favbeats says:

    very nice

  25. newman72tech3 says:

    Better than the games I have on my Hue II….. none!

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