Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Hands-on Overview

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Overview of the Nokia 5530 xpressmusic, a symbian touch device.
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Hands-on Overview

  1. scullyist says:

    PS: ok, just finished the vid and saw the artist, still no title though ;)

  2. scullyist says:

    Awesome background music you got there, could you please share artist+title?

  3. kimychi02 says:

    I can’t use it here in canada, bought it from the philippines. Probably need to unlock it or something like that. Ugh.

  4. Movienerdify says:

    lol, so you use the stylus to open the back cover? ok, that’s pretty useful… xD

  5. abdur50 says:

    dont compare this phone with n97, n97 is more expansive and better then this

  6. nihadbosnia says:

    I had Nokia 3210 LoL

  7. ljmendoz says:

    Nokia 5530 Plateado

  8. elisei4ever says:

    cool phone…maybe it will be mine :D

  9. RADAMES1983 says:


  10. TechyDan says:

    @MrChinmay693 never heard of calls “cum”ing

  11. MrChinmay693 says:

    im goin 2 buy dis fone bt many of my frnds r sayin dat it wont last long bcoz of its feather touch feature n it answers or declines calls if it is in d poket…..n a call cums………iz dis tru……………tll me so dat i cn make d rite decision!!!

  12. franziski71 says:

    is an excellent phone except for the UI: Symbain 5th edition is outdated, it’s just good for a keyboard phone, not for a touch

  13. RedDevilThing says:

    using the stylus to open the battery cover - love it :P

  14. antydote112 says:

    of course…its a cool phone….I’m using nokia 5530 n my brother is using Nokia n 97…..& n97 is hell lot better….

  15. jemhson says:

    like can opener

  16. antelmito72 says:

    thnks for this video!!! great!

  17. zakirhassanm says:

    Good that some of the phones of stylus for opening battery covers.

  18. djdecker543 says:

    thnx dude nice review :D

  19. dragana993 says:

    @HenRIP1234 if u love buy it.. dont ask such stupid que… 

  20. RShelpaa says:

    What next?
    Compare NMT-900 with a N8?

  21. JackPLflashpoint says:

    next time compare Ferrari to Fiat Panda 

  22. baccaratbargaineq says:

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  23. TheChickenMacNugget says:

    the nokia 5530 is f#cking nice

  24. budscom says:

    stupid nokia people this phone has too much green tint on camera!!!

  25. SuperGhifar says:


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