Nokia 6210

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Nokia 6210 navigator disassembly

News, plus my review of the Nokia N97 mini and our top 10 Android applications
Nokia 6210 Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to Nokia 6210

  1. xribeiro says:

    Thank you!

  2. Nienormalny says:

    very helpful, thanks

  3. LaughingLeaf says:

    Awesome review! I am planning on getting an n97 mini, this helped a lot :D

  4. watsup122001 says:

    Ive got a 16gb MicroSD in my Nokia N97 Mini :D,

    It was the max apparently i could get in it

  5. sleckitty says:

    Well, I got the N97 mini phone as per your review Steve and it’s super, bare in mind I have an itouch so I have a good idea of the iphone hype.

  6. stevelitchfield says:

    Err… so those that DO have that should be better! It’s a great feature, actually, for drivers.

  7. Andyvalver says:

    Ah right. Haldy important then as most phones dont have that

  8. stevelitchfield says:

    FM *TRANSMITTER*. Not radio receiver.

  9. stevelitchfield says:

    Are you sure? I guess we’ll find out when 32GB hits…. Nokia only tend to specify the ones they’ve tested etc.

  10. urbanfireblade says:

    Seems very close to my own requirements too, post a reply if you’ve gone ahead and got the mini, be good to hear feedback from a like minded person.

  11. gangstax2 says:

    no nokia n97 mini has a max on 16 gb micro sd card xD

  12. 19xFLOx97 says:

    is the mini better then the big one

  13. Andyvalver says:

    Why does all the reviewers of the n97 mini say it doesnt have an fm radio? My n97 mini has fm radio!

  14. jefferiushere2k7 says:

    the x10 looks sweet

  15. stevelitchfield says:

    Should do. Though I’ve never even seen a 32GB card in the flesh.

  16. 08robertb says:

    on the n97 mini if i was to buy a 32 gb micro sd would it work ??

  17. ceterafan123 says:

    N97 looks beautiful!

  18. PrimozResman says:

    Does anyone’s video stop just tat the number 1 Android app, even though it’s loaded beyond that point?

  19. stevelitchfield says:

    Errmmm…. go ask Nokia? Email one of their stores?

  20. rizz5022 says:

    when is nokia n97 mini going to be available in US

  21. dukeinlondon says:

    Nice to see the phone show stay relevant with a good coverage of the options available, especially android with more and more compelling devices being released. Thanks

  22. MafiaTunis says:

    Thx for your help steve i found it

  23. stevelitchfield says:

    Simplest is to type in the RSS address? Or email me for more details? Listen to Phones Show Chat 12 for more on this, too…

  24. MafiaTunis says:

    Hi steve i really like all the phones shows and i have a question i own a n86 and a n97 how can i get the podcast of phone show chat on the built in podcast app? Many thx and keep up the good work!!

  25. tdreamgmail says:

    That would be great. I enjoyed your top 10 games for the iphone.

  26. tubefaze says:

    another good phone show as usual. you seem to have read my mind w/ the naming of the N97 Mini. I have long thought this should’ve been the first touch screen E-series phone. the first with video out for presentations. no one would have complained about smaller memory and exclusion of FM-transmitter. it would been an E-series w/ a focus on business not multimedia. goodbye now from a fellow E75 user.

  27. timsalmon1963 says:

    Good points. With the SenseUI there’s such a huge range of Shortcuts, Bookmarks, HTC Widgets, Android Widgets and Folders possibilities that I don’t think more is needed, like Any Cut. Didn’t know about Babbler so will take a look but hope it still integrates nicely into People. Thanks for feedback.

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