Nokia Games, Diamond Rush

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Complete World 1, Part of the Diamond Rush Walkthrough
Nokia Games Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Nokia Games, Diamond Rush

  1. EmanuelAB98 says:

    as it does to open the game on the pc to record it? or does please tell me

  2. 2sdd says:

    @agtpirrone DUDE THIS IS ALMSOT THE SAME. i mean the older one :D however thx for it mate!!!

  3. Revyansah says:

    Siberia frustating me, I can’t collect all red gems and I can’t find the secret path…

  4. deepblack77 says:

    çok super

  5. agtpirrone says:

    @2sdd I think that the game you mention is Supaplex. Great game.

  6. 2sdd says:

    hey anybody knows the name of very old pc game what was very similiar to this? u were steerin red ball who was eating grass, collectin coins, movin things runin away form scissors and teeth(yeah). there were grenades, balls, bombs, mazes and shit. menu was brick mountian ad every brick was one level to choose. i rly wanna play this again but i cant remember the name of this game ;

    there was newer version of this tho.

    help youtube!

  7. joshuayip2010 says:

    :D this game is cool

  8. MrPAVLE3 says:

    HOW can i download it?

  9. tehminaist says:

    @PRINCESSTEMURJIUN can u plz give me the link from where i cn download the game


    i have this game
    at nokia mega pixel 0.2

  11. MrAlby1974 says:

    @nicoeatsnow With the Nokia 2700 classic

  12. spokociomek12 says:

    hey can u give me download link to this game for pc pls

  13. ankur5776 says:

    pl tell me how to download diamond rush for pc

  14. MaxFerb says:

    My mom have it in cell :D
    But I think hard to unlock the second world

  15. nikithaprasad1997 says:

    i love this game
    it is very interestind

  16. mickyxdful says:

    this is pc or cel?

  17. ppcal01 says:

    Hello I need help i need to find the second tool in order to pass the other levels, now i’m in angkor secret wat please i need somebody help where can i find the second tool in what level is it?

  18. psyteamZ says:

    get this and many more games for your phone at MOBERS.ORG

  19. ginomoeu says:

    exists somewhere on the internet that I can play this game without
    just download?

  20. zonaloca says:

    @2a1a5ia1ia6 Hay un comentario mas arriba, esta en ingles. Y comenta que para poder usarlo en la PC hay que descargarse un emulador de J2ME (Java para moviles) Existen 2 buenos emuladores, MIDP Emulator y mpowerplayer (el ultimo es mejor).

    El juego se peude descargar por internet. Utilizadno el archivo .jar necesario para instalarlo en el celular, solo que en el emulador.

  21. 2a1a5ia1ia6 says:

    could someone please tell me if these videos are the game on PC or cell (mobile).
    not really know if there is on PC, and if any could tell me how to download and I have to take the pc q.
    thanks ..

    alguien porfavor podria decirme si estos videos son del juego en pc o en celular (movil).
    en realidad no se si hay en pc, y en caso de haberlo podrian explicarme como hacer para descargarlo y que tengo q tener en el pc.

  22. lover77demyandselena says:

    can id ownload this game on my pc o can i play her online

  23. olafthestoutviking says:

    I have created a complete walktrough for Diamond Rush. It consists of 40 videos (one for each stage).

    I call it the “perfect walkthrough”, because it shows you how to get the 4 possible perfect messages (all purple and red diamonds, no hits or retries) on every stage in the game.

    Just search for “Diamond Rush Perfect Walkthrough” and the stage you are interested here on YouTube. I even made a playlist…

    I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

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