Nokia Games – Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary

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Nokia Games – Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary Trailer for GRAND THEFT AUTO III. It is certainly difficult to imagine that it has been 10 years since Grand Theft Auto III (from Rockstar Games) made its debut. Enjoy!
Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Nokia Games – Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary

  1. EverettZenonShow says:

    awww, yes I remember all i needed was gta 3 and life would be so much easier.

  2. microsoftjaden says:

    I remember that my brother played this a lot. Then I got into. GTA!!!

  3. Icoolyounot001 says:

    10 people have their gta 3 game from 2002

  4. TheBlueYankee says:

    GTA 3 was the first one GTA game i played i was only 8 years old when i first played this, because of this game, i got into all the GTA series . :D

  5. deloreandmc88 says:

    I remember i was like 3 years old when i first played this. It was the first game that i ever finished on my own. I still love it.

  6. 34ngl says:

    este fue el comienzo de un juego epico

  7. DarKingBoo98 says:

    Its just incredible how 10 years passed… LIKE A BOSS

  8. SirPlayaMane says:

    classic game

  9. cervablaze214 says:

    O mio babbino caro

  10. DarKingBoo98 says:

    4 people never played GTA III

  11. JoshuaMouncer says:

    @TheAwesomeo4 Seriously? It isn’t about the graphics, it’s about the gameplay. Anyone who says it’s all about the graphics is NOT a true gamer!

  12. TheAwesomeo4 says:

    God it still makes me cry how it turn into gta IV which isn’t good
    if only they put GTA 4′s grafics into Gta 3 god id love that game

  13. xALIASx745 says:

    i loved how he never talked.

  14. GvdaKinG says:

    THE true reason playstation 2 dominated

  15. MaestroEasten says:

    are they gonna have this for consoles? PLZ REPLY FOR AN ANSWER!!

  16. marlb0r015 says:

    Sucha beautifull has spended some atention to there old classic game that everyone loves. Not many gamecompanys do that.

    Deep respect for rockstar games inc.

  17. marlb0r015 says:

    @Satchel334 As long as double cleff stay existing on the car radio i dont mind. And also no new cars whatsoever (ok maybe some from lcs) and they could put (hard to find and rare) motorbikes in it.

  18. Satchel334 says:

    Epic. Hard to believe it was ten years ago. It seemed so cutting edge back then. Some of the character graphics are a bit boxy by today’s standards but still awesome. The way the hero, Claude/Silent Guy never speaks reminds me of the lead character of the film Drive that Ryan Gosling did so brilliantly. They need to release a 1080p remake of GTA III with an improved soundtrack and new missions for PS3, XBOX and PC and Mac.

  19. bigbadbronco86 says:

    this game was so fucking epic. i remember having my mind blown the first time i played it. bought it on a friday and stayed up til 6:30 the next morning on a non stop marathon. i remember thinking WOW this is it! can video games even get any better?!?! hahaha

  20. ps3man76 says:

    @4200Soul i played it after i saw this…nostalgic!

  21. ps3man76 says:

    PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3!!!!!!!!! and…xbox

  22. DarKingBoo98 says:

    Music + 10 year Flashback = Me crying from old times =’)
    10 years go by real fast guys… Dont ever forget that

  23. iXavierTV says:

    Here it is Daniel :P

  24. iXavierTV says:

    Here it is :D

  25. 4200Soul says:

    Thumbs up if you still have your original copy

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