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Numpty Physics An Addictive Drawing Puzzle Game

Numpty Physics - An addictive drawing puzzle game with awesome physics

Numpty Physics, a Free and Open Source drawing puzzle game with awesome physics. This game does not have sounds or soundtracks.

Nokia Games Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Nokia Games, Numpty Physics A Drawing Puzzle Game

  1. KernelScript says:

    @bluuterra I don’t think so, I made this video on Ubuntu, and it was esc that did the job. Also, on Mac OS X, esc do the job too. Don’t know about Windows cause I don’t use it. So, maybe your keyboard layout?

  2. bluuterra says:

    esc doesn’t do the job on my computer. But I found that Backspace does.
    Could it be related to my using Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows?

  3. KernelScript says:

    @bluuterra Press esc to undo last stroke. See the game homepage for more info about the controls.

  4. bluuterra says:

    When I get the red ball rolling with a stick in the side of it like you do, It just lays there like a lollipop. I don’t have a control to make objects disappear after I create them. How do you do that?

  5. pamaquabqa says:

    You can just drag the ball to the star or drag the star to the ball by right clicking it

  6. Georjisim0 says:

    i didnt know how to start the game.. so i`ve searched for a video .. :D loll thanks

  7. paanfls says:

    it works really good in my n900! n d game is kinda tricky.

  8. ahmd1431 says:

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  9. 3DCubez says:

    cool game! check out my physics based game aswell! its called Physication

  10. mama123890 says:

    lol small—huge—gigantic at 3:26

  11. cellector says:

    It reminds me of Fantavision.

  12. gpower88 says:

    play this on my n900… is great!

  13. KernelScript says:

    Thanks for the comment and tip man.

    Unfortunately, Crayon Physics Deluxe doesn’t run on GNU/Linux, which is the platform I use.

  14. BuckFastZombie says:

    These Physics games are really good, if you enjoyed this m8, you should check out a game called “Crayon Physics Deluxe” very similar, some different stuff. Or Detonate. Build structures and destroy them, lol. Thanks for the vid and the info!

  15. yermishkina says:

    it works on my n810.
    but I don’t know how to make objects disappear :(

  16. kumquatsta says:

    would this work on a nokia n810 with maemo os?

  17. KernelScript says:

    Nice, very cool!

    You’re welcome : )

    Well, in this video I’m playing it with a Mouse in my Ubuntu PC, nothing special.

  18. bero1995 says:

    yea i have the htc touch…really cool game thanks for the vid…just got 1 question…how can you play it with a mouse…send me a link if available…thanksss!!!

  19. SkAtErKiD16r says:

    crayon physics deluxe is better

  20. KernelScript says:

    Nice :)
    Your phone is touchscreen? Because that would be really awesome!

  21. bero1995 says:

    i have this on my phone its AMAZINGGG!!!!

  22. nachoabraira says:


  23. KernelScript says:

    I see. Thanks for share the info.

  24. jakeman52 says:

    escape >:|

  25. KernelScript says:

    : )

  26. lebron2367 says:

    @MohamedYousri mine says you must have atleast to Lan or high speed internet connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing how do i fix that im confused?

  27. Th3tru3killer says:

    please help i dont have that wireless thing on network connections help

  28. yslee91 says:

    Still, my ipad 2 failed to connect via this add hoc thinggy. When i browse through Safari for example, it shown, Cannot Open Page, because it is not connected to the internet.
    Any1 with the alternative solution ?

  29. XbB0xbeast says:

    mines disconnects each time im not using it fro exaple i go into a video and it disconects me when is done loading

  30. trulyshyguy says:

    @xobreezygurls97 did u question ever get answer

  31. ConkersBadFurDayN64 says:

    When I make mine, eveything goes fine until I connect to my iPod, then it shows it’s connected and I don’t get any Internet Activity… Any Help?

  32. Orochii3 says:

    So i have vista but it doesn’t have the ad hoc option which free versions of windows 7 could i download that have the ad hoc option

  33. clubpenguinchowder says:

    omg thnx so much !!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been looking for a way to connect my ipod to my computers internet and i found it you are the best and you just dont know how happy youve made me

  34. TheJEWSTAINE says:

    will this work with xbox coz im havin no luck so far and i cant plug the ethernet straight into my xbox because of rules at uni halls

  35. xobreezygurls97 says:

    I’m just wondering.
    Can an ad hoc network be used for wireless internet ON A LAPTOP?
    I’m also running windows 7, so can you connect the network you created to the internet on a laptop?

  36. ahlbeck says:

    Hi im using a direct cable connection and got good acces to internet when im only using this, but as soon as i create a bridged connection internet is no longer available, would be super if you could help me out.

  37. The40nontyy3 says:

    @MohamedYousri tnx, i need it to use on my ipad too!

  38. jelsbabez says:

    it didnt work. it said unable to use.

  39. DareDevil305H says:

    plz plz plz help me i want a wifi network and i’m using win 7 STARTER so plz any ideas

  40. 54676964646 says:

    how do i make the wirless internet connection because only one shows up and thats the network i am on? ?? please respond Thank You

  41. navyaja says:

    @54676964646 it works perfect on my ipad

  42. MohamedYousri says:


    I think it will work id iPad supports ad-hoc connection 

  43. 54676964646 says:

    Could it work with an ipad ?? please respond.

  44. salsa2good says:

    the wifi connection doesn’t show up on the device im using please help!!!!

  45. lauravladut says:

    i don’t have the option bridge connection what can i do?

  46. GrozhG says:

    i dont use local area connection i use anothe it cant make a bridg with my wlan what should i do

  47. Solerizer says:

    I alr done just like u did… my galaxy tap cannot find the ad hoc I made… Can u tell me why? :(

  48. Pastnolimitm60 says:

    Does it work for an xbox

  49. idxdmitry says:

    Try Maxidix Wifi Suite. When you prepare your ad hoc connection it will help made automatic connections to ad hoc networks under Vista, 7. It also provides geolocation using Wi-Fi networks, Import and Export network profiles, Wi-Fi networks monitoring tools, Network statistics, etc

  50. jakos541 says:

    @MohamedYousri how did u do i bro plz explain :)

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