Nokia N900

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Review on the Nokia N900 – Part 1 Here is my take on the N900, showcasing some of the best features and discussing the pros/cons of this device.

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8 Responses to Nokia N900

  1. 360NextLevel says:

    @kaldown I dont use that anymore but it was the AP News widget or something like that. It displayed all the news headlines that you wanted but the only thing I disliked was that when you wanted to know a bit more info on something and tapped a headline it would just take you to the homepage rather than the article itself! Maybe its fixed now but I stopped using it ages ago.

  2. kaldown says:

    Whats the application at 4:40 right above in the corner

  3. 360NextLevel says:

    battery lasts upto around 1-2 days, if your a heavy/medium user then this could be a day, it all depends hw much u use it and how much constant load you put on it. Check out my battery test video, that should provide you with more info :)

  4. 360NextLevel says:

    yeah it does. Ive personally not seen how the emails work on a blackberry but the n900 does a brilliant job. It just comes through instantly just the same way you would receive a text message notification and you can have multiple accounts added and is very easy to setup

  5. rizla316 says:

    oh and also, whats the battery life like?

  6. rizla316 says:

    Hey, does this phone have push email? if so whats it like? is it as good as blackberrys push email?

  7. DonkeyDelight says:

    Wow, the screen looks like it’s painted on.
    Great video.

  8. LazarRedDevil95 says:

    I am looking forward to more reviews of n900! And you should make video about multitasking like open 20 applications and see how is n900 can handle that.

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