Nokia N900 HD

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Nokia N900

Nokia N900 HD Apps

Nokia N900 A few tricks and some useful apps. Some of the things that are covered in this video: How to download/install wallpaper image sets Tethering Free up RootFs Change LED Patterns etc! To get these apps and more you will have to have the repository extras-devel, to do this go to the applications manager, then create the catalog with the following information: Catalogue name: Extras-Devel Web address: Distribution: fremantle Components: free non-free Catalog name: extras-testing Web address: Distribution: fremantle Components: free non-free *Important: Using test apps can damage your device or even break it. These apps will have bugs and won’t all be perfect and safe to use. So use at your OWN risk!*

Nokia N900 HD Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to Nokia N900 HD

  1. SpideyX97 says:

    thumbs up if you have it!

  2. antoniobh969 says:

    very helpful..thanks! i did not the Mobile Hotspot app

  3. hamada143 says:

    is there a way to download whatsapp on N900? I tried to search for a compatible version but couldnt find any!

  4. ceasormayhem101 says:

    Dude I get a headache looking at a screen through another scream

  5. burgers128 says:

    Hello, reader. If you started reading this, don’t stop or else. I hate people who post these kind of comments but…. Post this to 16 videos in 30 minutes and promise your self to never listen to these kind of comments or make one up. But this one is real.If you don’t post this, a boy with no head or legs will show up in ur room at midnight kill you. Everyone will forget u. start posting. the timer will start as soon as you finish reading this. yes I do hate these comments

  6. 982Michael says:

    bitte auf deutsch sagen nicht in englischersprache sagen danke.ich bitte eure antwort mail auf deutsch nicht auf englisch.ich werde jede englische mail löschen.ihr habt bestimmt ihn eure highscool schulen deusch gelernt.wir musten auch englisch lernen um eure sprachen zu verstehen.aber es geht um sonderschüler die kein englisch gerlent hatten.die verstehen eure sprache nicht,und habe es auch nicht gelernt.ihr seid auf das heist für deuschland

  7. Gamesgeek100 says:

    @TantraGal All N900 are Made Only in Korea. It is just assembled and gets packed in Finland according to my many monthly researches

  8. Gamesgeek100 says:

    @IcarezDub Try To Restore Factory Default settings (Other Normal Nokia Phones Had this Option).

  9. Gamesgeek100 says:

    Good Video ! Nice work dude !

  10. Meggical says:

    thanks a lot man u have been helpful
    and i think its a awesome mobile i want 2 buy it what do u suggest is it worth
    anw thanks again … ;}

  11. 360NextLevel says:

    @redpitbull01 Im on the same boat as yourself however I am looking at windows phone as my next handset.
    Meego is just a newer OS which does look really nice. Again nokia wont be supporting or releasing it for n900, but the n900 community will support it and make it available.

  12. redpitbull01 says:

    @360NextLevel yeah. I’m selling the phone though. It’s a great phone but i just don’t like the fact that it’s not supported anymore and how nokia isn’t gonna update maemo anymore.
    I’m not sure about relying on other developers either. I’m probably getting the Nexus S by google/samsung.
    I’m not trying to jump the bandwagon by getting an android but at least it will still receive updates/support for the software.

    Also, care to tell me anything you know about Meego and how it relates to the n900?

  13. A95J says:

    gr8 thx :)

  14. 360NextLevel says:

    @A95J Quick Launch

  15. 360NextLevel says:

    @redpitbull01 I take it u resolved the issue?

  16. A95J says:

    Whats the app tht allows u to put shortcuts in the status menu??

    ~ Btw thx for the vid :)

  17. HubertBlue112 says:


  18. ascari12 says:

    how do you budge up the ram? or is it just hypothetical?

  19. TantraGal says:


  20. TantraGal says:

    @holdXtoshoot Hey my n900 was designed in finland :>

  21. 360NextLevel says:

    @earthboy071 SMS Counter, but I wouldn’t bother with it unless they have actually fixed it now.

  22. 360NextLevel says:

    @1700tt Install nokia pc suite and the data cable driver and once it is installed you don’t need to open up nokia pc suite to access your files you can simply go into My Computer and see your phone listed once it is connected and it should be straight forward from there, just drag an drop or whatever you would like to do

  23. 91Chanito says:

    @1700tt No you dont, if u use pcsuite its gonna be slower transfers.

  24. sonikx38 says:

    N900 is d best fon i eva had :) jus lurve it <3

  25. earthboy071 says:

    yes i have a question .
    how did you get that widget which is showing your sms details ?

  26. Diablo666Daemon666 says:

    When the enemy is coming from the right, dont put your defences on the left!!

  27. Diablo666Daemon666 says:

    Bad music choice…

  28. Diablo666Daemon666 says:

    how did you record this?

  29. arcijs26 says:

    best mobile rts is art of war 2 liberation of peru

  30. lihkan says:

    best mobile RTS ever!

  31. Matrimelee says:

    Verdammt nochmal, diese Spiel sieht verdammt geil aus. Will HABEN! :D

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