Nokia N900 Review: The Final Verdict

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Nokia N900 Review

Nokia N900 Review

Here’s a short video overview of our Final verdict of the Nokia N900.

Nokia N900 Review Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Nokia N900 Review: The Final Verdict

  1. tarunpai says:

    n8 or n900?

  2. alanheath2 says:

    Excellent review. I am now watching as much as I can because I cannot understand how it works.
    However I would not recommend it for most people. The battery life is shocking and at the end of the day, a phone has to be a phone. Sure, the internet is fantastic, but for all practical purposes that is just a gimmic – you are not going to do any work on it and I can’t see anyone watching a film on it either. The camera is good – basic but good – it does not replace a normal camera.
    No space left

  3. guthixfrog says:

    is the gps allready free on it now? it just confuses me the free thing of nokia there :s

  4. mozartman2000 says:

    this is a dead-end phone, like the N-series symbian phones. Nokia’s days are numbered.

  5. rocko306x says:

    lol the captions lololols

  6. sqprx says:

    is it MeGoo ?

  7. EnryOnTheKeys says:

    Guys n900 is on transitions. It is already a great phone, but it will become even better.

  8. strategicconsultants says:

    cc: the pizza demanded to what’s in the movies a<<<< lolz you were talkin about the kick stand here

  9. Deflorationstation says:

    MMS sucks and its expensive , e-mail is free(depends) and its allmost unlimited.
    I really understand why nokia left some things out , they also didnt want this to be a mainstream cellphone so i think thats one of the reasons they left it out.

  10. bluefisch200 says:

    @zamurin13 Thanks, that was the little part i was not sure about…thanks , i have ordered my N900 :)

  11. zamurin13 says:

    @bluefisch200 the notifcation part is pretty sweet…and you don’t need to keep the email app running…as long as you’re connected to the net via 3G or any other way you get email notifcations..i love this phone…sorry..internet tablet…

  12. Railroadmaster says:

    @07liberian Dude what are you talking about android and maemo are completely different. Android all apps are programmed in Java in and it is difficult to port desktop linux applications and the os is more limitedand apps are limited being as you usaually only get 256mb of space for apps and adroid is more friendly to those who develope commercial applications. largely unmodified linux application run maemo while they can’t run in android. Android based on linux kernel and maemo based on debian.

  13. sircygnus says:

    if you remove the media player and a lot of other widgets from the desktop, it will run for days.

  14. bluefisch200 says:

    @07liberian That does not help me if the usability is 100% different ,-)

  15. 07liberian says:

    @bluefisch200 Android And Maemo Are Both Apart Of The Same Linux Family. They Are Not Really That Different, Only Minor Tweeks Here And There.

  16. bluefisch200 says:

    I am still between Android and Maemo…i like the notification system of Android very much…how is the one of Maemo? And do you need to have to open the mail program (so you can see it in the dashboard) in the background to receive mails or can you get mails while the mail program is closed?

  17. sendashish says:


    hye i watched ur video …. nd i listen somewhere u said its not available in India….
    Well i m too from india and wanted to know when tis will b available??? So do u have any idea when nokia planning to launch it in india??

  18. ranger1360 says:

    the n900 is the best phone i ever had. the baterry is good for me . i am always signed on to facebook chat. i have five widgets runin including the facebook one and is well known for battery usage.i can come home from work and still use it on and off till late. web broweser is best. i wrote this comment on my n900. also i get 3.5 g’s of signal everywhere i go. the gps will get voice command soon i hope. camera does pics worth printing. oh and no bugs. just be smart on what you do with device.

  19. bobcorn1990 says:

    I think i did a mistake by buying this phone on the relase date
    i think i should have wait >>>> i am having problems with so many bugs and software problems.
    lets just hope meego will fix it all

  20. velt1870 says:

    I love my N900 so much I bought two and gave my ex-girlfriend my Iphone 3gs. The size is great for me for I have big hands. The Maps do suck to a certain degree but all in all I love it.

  21. MarcRevenge says:

    I actually think that the n900 is a very cute phone with great things and functionalities, but I prefer to wait for a phone like that with capacitive and multitouch screen. Resisitives suck.

  22. boybandreject00 says:

    @rockinrollful Hey there ! I cant speak for every comment, but I honestly really did love the N900 ! I havent run into any major problems with it, and MMS can still be handled via a 3rd party app. So in my opinion, it’s all good :D

  23. rockinrollful says:

    the final verdict of n900 was really good as like your last videos, well i just wanted to know more about this set..! As some people comment that its really worth admirable phone while on the other side some say that its just a waste of money as they prove this stuff by showing their videos regarding n900, in which it stuck or may have show many problems regarding many bugs. Secondly why nokia is not giving MMS facility in n900?? really very depressive fact for me at least.,..!!!

  24. AndyBonHelsing1 says:

    The subtitles on this are EPIC :D

  25. ezra4no1 says:

    I have been waiting for over a week for my dang N900 to arrive at my house.. brand new from Dells website with a coupon of $150.00 off price… I am so ready for this!

  26. FaisalKsaGh says:

    @alDolar03 لأنك طفل تبغا توي ستوري وكارس وليتل بيج بلانت صح ؟؟

  27. azoozramos7 says:

    عليك وجهه

  28. wwe3zooz says:

    شباب كيف انتم يكون عندكم الاشرطة قبل نزولها

  29. mthwr511 says:

    باقي على كود( 8 )9 ايام تجهزوووو هههههه

  30. mthwr511 says:

    ودي اشوف مقاطعك كله وربي هههههه كل مقطع احسن من الثاني الامام يا كنق واصل اخوك trook1210

  31. Dr7Moood1993 says:

    ي عم خلاص بطلوها
    الشعب جتهم محنه على عايض وخلصو وانت عادك

  32. Dr7Moood1993 says:

    وش اللي ان بوكسنج
    وش متوقع يحطون لك في البوكس كلها اوراق وشريط

  33. AbbeyEmma93 says:

    its the best game in my opinion

    thxxxxxxx bf3 4 ever

  34. MahdiHacker2010 says:


    وش رايك اعرفك عليه؟؟

    وباعرفك على عبد االصمد اوكي؟

  35. do3thab says:

    أحلى لعبة في السنة باتل فيلد 3

  36. Te3ref3ayed says:

    تعرف عايض ؟

  37. KMTMNETK says:

    @DZASTER6000 والله من جد الميتيد ادشن احسن بواجد ..

  38. CAHaAmBiH says:

    احمد وش الفرق بين نسخة Limited Edition و العاديه ؟

  39. xx2xx1000 says:

    بالله شباب ، كم باقي يوم على نزول كود 8 ؟ ﻻهنتم

  40. jamalflemban25 says:

    كل شيء ثري عشان الحرب الغالميه الثالثه قربت

  41. xd70oo0myx says:


    يعنـي بتقنعنـي أن الفيديـو يستاهـل لايـك ؟؟؟؟

    ياحبيبـي طيـر عـن مخـي

    القناة تعتبـر مـن افـضل القناة فـي اليوتيوب

    ولـكن مـثـل هـذا الفيديـو مايستاهـل نحط لايك

    خـلك مـن العاطفـه

  42. BoSaed says:

    بريييييييئ جدا بيموتون عشان الايك حقك

    ياعمي طير اسم الفيديو unboxing وش تبي يسوي فيه يطير مثلا ؟

    ولا ما تدري وش معنى unboxing

  43. DZASTER6000 says:

    انا انتظر
    Battel field 3 (limited Edition)
    احسن ،
    لايك 5/5

  44. ThatAwesomeUsername says:


  45. md22zaeem says:

    ان شاء الله مافيها هالشيء

  46. md22zaeem says:

    ايه نزلت اليوم وشريته من الرياض من محلات السوني واذا تبي بالتحديد
    الاتصالات التخصصي جو المركز على الزاوية تحصل محل يبيعها
    وفي ام الحمام شارع الاربعين بتحصلها
    انت دور وبتحصل

  47. MultiTHEJOKER says:

    امين الله يرحمه ويغفر له ويثبته عند السوال
    ويدخله جنة الفردوس الاعلى

  48. MultiTHEJOKER says:


  49. ozilXlover says:

    مشكور احمد على الانبوكسينق ,,

  50. xd70oo0myx says:

    معـليش ياكابتن

    لـيش احط لايك وماسويت أي شـي

    فتحت ذا القرطاسـه وتقـول حط لايك

    لا ياحبيبـي المفروض أصـلا تشيل الايكات والفيفوريت

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