Rafael Van Der Vaart best free kick EVER!!!!

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1 naviews.blogspot.com 2.www.facebook.com Rafael van der Vaart best free kick ever was scored when playing in the vodacom challenge in South Africa against Orlando Pirates, while playing for Tottenham hotspur. on the 23 July 2011 in Ellis Park Extra tags: ignore soccer football comedy funny soccer goals kickass goal cracker strike zidane essien football goals 足球soccerthe best soccer players fail soccer football kick flip Soccer/Football requested by alleTiger, sportcrazy13, aLx, tohellwithit2745, tricovictus, jyangchi, arthur07, nvalline, prospero811, djsalbro, huckster, acciocoolusername, yeeeaahhbaby, renegade_69, maxedgy1, eastcoast007, 1der, micheldiego, rigo611, okay4now, plutten, capman911, laguss, annuddermale, lalorocks86 and gomezzzmovies bank hot for words intelligence is teacher etymology soccer football euro origin of phrase Soccer Commercial Futbol Nike soccer 20 misses stuff top youtube bad wii xbox 360 ps3 unfortunate andy mckee famous not goals spiderman stupid real madrid arsenal chelsea manchester united valencia liverpool milan inter juventus football footie idiots funny hilarious best video ever FC The Very Best of Soccer Freestyle pranks funny video askstudent Soccer Moves soccer fight raw video soccer throws fist pulls hair soccerNeXt Mobile Game Nokia J2ME FIFA 2007 3D Electronic Arts FIFA World Cup yt3d:enable=true yt3d:left=0_0_1_0.5 yt3d:right=0_0.5_1_1 yt3d:aspect=16:9 3D Vision 3D eady 3D Game TRU3D S3D iz3D stereoscopic 3DTV stereo 3D Tridef

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3 Responses to Rafael Van Der Vaart best free kick EVER!!!!

  1. NadavsAppReviews says:

    @AntoTHFC i actually support Man u but i like spurs as well they are a great team!!

  2. AntoTHFC says:

    @NadavsAppReviews Yes!! VDV!

  3. NadavsAppReviews says:

    Do Any of you watching this video support Tottenham Hotspur?

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