Real Golf 2011

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Real Golf 2011

“Real Golf 2011″ for Nokia N8

Real Golf 2011 Rating: 4 / 5

Real Golf 2011

Real Golf 2011 employs an advanced swinging mechanic where you swipe down and then up on a power/direction meter to hit the ball. Other new control options include the ability to either add spin to the ball or change the golfer’s stance.

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25 Responses to Real Golf 2011

  1. pabloww says:

    @00101011011011 That’s you. Now we know. Thanks

  2. 00101011011011 says:

    boring and stupid

  3. NicCoventry says:

    @NejiHyuga900 It is, you are right, I was wrong…

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  4. NicCoventry says:

    @ChubbyCheesman I realize that now, thanks!

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  5. NejiHyuga900 says:

    Platform? I thought NGP was called Next Generation Portable.

  6. raigekiman says:

    @NicCoventry LOLOL wow that its a good thinking.

  7. NicCoventry says:

    @raigekiman LMFAO, I know, I didn’t really get it for games, I kinda got it for games and blu-ray. And at that time, Blu-Ray players were like $200 anyway, so I figured, I my as well get a PS3 and kill 2 birds with one stone…

  8. raigekiman says:

    @NicCoventry LOL i owned my ps3 for 2 years also i got like 6 games for it

  9. NicCoventry says:

    @raigekiman I’m not really a huge gamer, as a matter of fact, I’ve owned my PS3 for 2 years, and I just bought 3 games in December, LOL…

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  10. raigekiman says:

    @NicCoventry i’am not too big on UMD’s i’ve been selling them and use digital download only so i can have them all in my memory stick

  11. ChubbyCheesman says:

    its nest generation portbal

  12. TheBigBDS says:

    @NicCoventry this is true

  13. NicCoventry says:

    @TheBigBDS They do that on purpose (the no UMD support) pisses me off too, owell, there’s nothin’ we can do about it, thanks for watching & commenting…

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  14. TheBigBDS says:

    i think i might get one. sucks there’s once again no UMD drive. thanks again Sony for making us all regret buying the original PSP & UMD games! lol! oh well

  15. NicCoventry says:

    @bogellenong That’s a great point, I didn’t even think of that. Thanks for the input, and thanks for watching.

  16. bogellenong says:

    keep in mind that we still have literally 1 year to wait, so there will be many or at least some possible minor or even major changes depending on how the other companies do, like let say apple release kick ass device which capable of playing nice graphing, sony might be able to bump up the graphic card or something a bit, or maybe they can even make this one even slimmer that what it already is

  17. NicCoventry says:

    @TheFordraptor16 A report I read after I made this video mentioned it wasn’t supposed to be a $700 unit, and if you can get it with a Verizon 3G contract, you should be able to pick it up for much less, hopefully.

    Thanks for watching and thanks for commenting, please subscribe if you like my videos.

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  18. NicCoventry says:

    @Ipodtouchfanboy I’m an iPhone & iPad guy myself, although I’m not an iPad owner yet, but I’m going to probably but an iPad 2… Hope this answers your question, what do you prefer? Thanks for watching and thanks for commenting.

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  19. NicCoventry says:

    @JamesQuallLovesPSP What’s a UMD Drive, I’m not familiar with that technology… Thanks for watching and thanks for commenting.

    Nic Coventry | The Recovering Banker

  20. TheFordraptor16 says:

    i think i might buy it because im still impressed after playing on a psp 1001 for a couple of years now so when it comes out im going to try and get it. hopefully it’s under 450 dollars.

  21. Ipodtouchfanboy says:

    what do you prefer psp2 or ipod and which screen res is better

  22. JamesQuallLovesPSP says:

    No UMD drive? I’m guessing no. Shucks!

  23. Five500Hundred says:


    That ^

  24. NicCoventry says:

    @eatcarpet thanks, I was thinking I had that wrong. Thanks :-)

  25. eatcarpet says:


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