super 3d games on nokia n95[part.2]

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sory for bad gameplay,is very hard to play with one hand(in counterstrike,i don’t shoot) burning tires world rally campionship massive snowboard time crisis ama memory tankraid hspeed5 dtmrd3 gwm asphalt 3 3d(not ngage 2.0 version) pgr turbo ket sky driver{~8mg} (vbagx 1.25) urban attack (240*320 full edition) teken{~16mg} (vbagx 1.25) i have this games from: http filmed with nokia 6234

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25 Responses to super 3d games on nokia n95[part.2]

  1. Tajiri1986 says:

    i search for Driver (game) everywhere but couldnt find please can you give me the link?

  2. skimboley says:

    nice ass

  3. moci10 says:

    please where can I get driver game for nokia n95 ?????

  4. zweisteinJ says:

    @teodor15 np hehe

  5. teodor15 says:

    @zweisteinJ I have no clue when I searched for movie I uploaded random 2 songs, house i guess, sorry:(.

  6. zweisteinJ says:

    @teodor15 btw what’s the song you used in this clip? its pretty nice :D

  7. teodor15 says:

    @zweisteinJ DONE!

  8. teodor15 says:

    @zweisteinJ ok, you have right.

  9. zweisteinJ says:

    well the 2 sites you posted at the description are quite helpful enough to find some games. you can remove the line “if you want one of this game,create a comment and i will reply” so people wont bother you about sending games anyway :P

  10. teodor15 says:

    @zweisteinJ NO.

  11. zweisteinJ says:

    do you or do you not send N95 games any more?

  12. darkrai786 says:


  13. teodor15 says:

    i do not more have N95

  14. niroshan97 says:

    can u pllllllllllllllllease send me teken{~16mg} (vbagx 1.25) ??

  15. rapstar322 says:

    hi can you give me link for driver and teken??and if its not problem link for emulator to…by the way i have question do i need to have hacked phone so i can install that vbagx and those emulated games ?

  16. TheF480 says:

    look at my games :)

  17. dajosh27 says:

    hi can i hav linkz to hspeed5, pgr, driver, burnin tires n tekken plz
    sorry for my big request

  18. Woozle2009 says:

    hi, can i have the link to urban attack and burning tires please?


  19. gameswindows says:

    ahi en mas informacion estan los juegos, los nombreS!!!

  20. 00dj0dickie00 says:

    will that driver game work on my sony ericsson w580? looks mint

  21. YULIANAQ says:

    hola cual es el juego del minuto 8:27 ???? whats is the name of minute 8:27

  22. lextasy88 says:

    can u send me the link for this game please

  23. felipe21994 says:

    yhanks very much

  24. teodor15 says:

    it;s driver emulated with VBAGX1.25 .you welcome

  25. felipe21994 says:

    what is the game in the minute 8:27? please say me

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