TAURUS PT 140 Millenium Pro .40 Caliber (with MODS) Review and Disassembly.wmv

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Gun review on the Taurus PT 140 overview and Pros/Cons. .40 S&W, 10+1 round capacity, 3.25″ barrel Great quality, affordable price. Powerful, accurate, easy to carry, easy to take apart and clean. It has built in safety features to keep you and your family safe. I bought this from www.CheaperThanDirt.com for 5 get yours today!

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15 Responses to TAURUS PT 140 Millenium Pro .40 Caliber (with MODS) Review and Disassembly.wmv

  1. YearOne2011 says:

    Good review. Liked the break down and reassembly and showing how it shoots over time.

  2. bigstabby says:

    I have this exact model PT-140 and mine has been nothing but great. I only paid $296 total because it was used and the gun has been fantastic and is seriously my favorite handgun right now and definitely the best deal I’ve ever gotten on a gun.lol I plan on using it as my CC piece.

  3. beedyb78 says:

    Just purchased this gun today!!! Only shot 50 rounds though. What is the best accuracy range for this gun?

  4. batz420 says:

    Great vid! I have had the same gun for about a year and half now. Put a LOT of different type of rounds through it. No real problems. I have a rattle in the mags (follower) when its fully loaded. Bought some aftermarket mags..problem solved. Great carry gun. I carry it almost every day. Would definitely recommend it.

  5. CHOSEN7X7 says:

    Great vid, I just purchased a Glock 27 and it is too sweet, however I have been in the market for a second 40 cal. sub-compact. This gun seems appealing as an EDC/CCW what’s you thoughts in comparison?

  6. pctech1887 says:

    I have just purchased this weapon in April 2011 and the saftey flaw associated with the saftey/trigger pull, HAS BEEN FIXED!!!! I can pull the trigger all the way back (before point of fire), engage the safety and the firearm WILL NOT FIRE!!! Problem solved!

  7. DeutcherKonnig says:

    The trigger travel before she goes “boom” is waaaaay to far. Jimmeny Cricket that’s a long trigger pull. I could wash the car and drink 5 beers before someone trying to kill me could get a round off. Ate the 1911′s the only handguns you can buy these days without a 18 mile trigger travel? I think we have a conspiracy at work here.

  8. BurnedBridge says:

    @bigbanks2305 Hey that was 2 months ago but before you pay the shipping try some loctite on the screw. I havent had the problem but it has worked on other thing on other guns for me

  9. MrSamlbld says:

    biggest waist of time ever

  10. osucowboy8284 says:

    Is it a Double action to single action trigger or full double?

  11. GunFunFoU says:

    I’ve shot 400 rounds so far with my Taurus PT 140 usually Remington 180 grains, one or two boxes of Tul ammo. The gun ate everything with no jams, no problems whatsoever. I’m really happy with the gun, it’s my shooting that I’m trying to improve most.
    I’ve realized that I shoot more accurately with one hand. Practice makes perfect.

  12. GunFunFoU says:

    Hello, and thank you for your comments.
    Besides having to pay for shipping, the lifetime repair policy is a great perk to the Taurus firearms. It’s good to know they will fix any defects for Only the cost of postage.
    I haven’t experienced any problems with the sights. The pistol should come with a set of wrenches for servicing your gun. Every time after going to the range, clean the gun free of gun powder, apply oil, and tighten the sights down tight with the supplied wrench.
    Sharp Shooting!

  13. bigbanks2305 says:

    i also own the same gun.i like it but had issues with the firing pin when it was brand new it was broken already!! sent it back to taurus and they fixed free of charge(minus the $58 for overnight shiping there that is mandatory but….)now im seeming to have trouble with the front sight set screw loosing up after about 150-200 rds but overall i think it is a very nice gun. who knows i might have got the “lemon”. if u have any tips for me id be glad to hear them.thanks

  14. kingd3001 says:

    So how is your weapon holding up and how many rounds have you put though it so far

  15. GunFunFoU says:

    If you have any questions leave a quick comment and I will get back to you, Thanks!

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