Top Best Android widgets Must haves v1

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Check out my WEBSITE :) = Review of some of the widgets that in my opinion are a must have for every android phone.. Beautiful widgets (only one that costs money) circle launcher simi folder Ultimate Favs Pro Jorte widgetsoid2x the lock screen i used is called goto lock screen costs 99cents.. Live wallpaper is beautiful live wall paper.(comes with beautiful widgets) sorry guys the video is kinda long..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Top Best Android widgets Must haves v1

  1. blackmetal89s says:

    @TechandMe Hey I wanted to know, where did you get this live wallpaper, and where do you get your other live wallpapers?

  2. KileyD321 says:

    great vid thx

  3. megadeath1555 says:

    watch my video “free mobile games”

  4. coolviv009 says:

    do we need to have net connection in our mobile phone in order to use android

  5. rarincas says:

    nice and real useful :P

  6. karanclassy says:

    real useful.. thnx..

  7. daknappkin says:

    @kikhe100 gays have iphones :/

  8. flohuels says:

    9:08 “Tasks: 1. Start Push ups, 2. Pay Mom” :D just noticed I’m just as normal as any guy…

  9. thaliathjonas1 says:

    U are killing me

  10. jsern210 says:

    it’s times like these that I wish I was a nerd.

  11. MSlifeismusic01 says:

    try lifeismusic by antara apps

  12. mladen182 says:


  13. mladen182 says:

    @skullmule word

  14. 45kawi45 says:

    This guy sounds like adam sandler -.-

  15. skullmule says:

    blow your fuckin nose !!!!

  16. Avatar965 says:

    great video…..i just got a new android tablet and need some good apps. This video really did help me figure out whats worth downloading Thnx

  17. TechandMe says:

    lots of views= lots of comments some r bad some r good.. cant move on in life if u dont ignore the crap.

  18. iFadeOne says:

    lot of haters here damn!

  19. cristianocr7ish says:

    You suck dude …stupid assssholeeee …by d way did u shave your hands????

  20. yen0623 says:

    fucking idiot,,,,,

  21. Retaliagen says:

    Great video on great widgets. I actually bought/downloaded most of the widgets you mentioned and they run great on my Samsung Vibrant 4g. Thanks!
    Just one question: On the title of the video, why does it say v1?

  22. acbeenmobin says:

    thanks i like alot of these apps very usefull!!!

  23. carlotimus says:

    @codgamer1698 Im pretty sure dats da evo

  24. killerkiller2 says:

    Work great on my new Sensation :P

    Love the phone!!! much betetr than my HTC magic….

  25. fontbandit says:

    wow, widgetsoid2x is a serious upgrade from stock enabler. thanks for sharing.

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