Wireless TV-out for N8

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Demo of wireless TV-out for Nokia handsets that support TV-out (N8, N95, C7, N96 and more…) Share photos and music, stream movies and games, play apps from your phone to the TV. Size matters.

highdiver.wordpress.com Preview of an interesting two-player two-phones ping-pong game from Nokia.

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13 Responses to Wireless TV-out for N8

  1. mustyisiky says:

    is it HD?

  2. PhuNguyen88 says:

    lol that thing just UGLY bro

  3. QuatreiZer0 says:

    WOW! although might not play racing games… kinda makes me dizzy

  4. PRICKIMAGE says:

    concept is great!!!

    any idea of the name or where to get the HDMI wireless transmitter?

  5. dikiti1 says:

    Whats the name 4 the game

  6. arungoogleytube says:

    an HDMI to wireless.. please tell us which is that device

  7. 0shakti0 says:

    How that possible by wireless?
    Is that a wireless TV out device with the phone?
    how do you add it with the phone?
    What that device is?

    Lots of question.. More coming after your answer :)

  8. Delgro8 says:

    come fai a fare cosi pochi fps ne fa mooolti di piu il mio nokia 5800

  9. ZenManDj says:

    Download is on my channel!

  10. hapoelta5 says:

    @TheKingOfGreatGamesOK Thanks alot :D

  11. TheKingOfGreatGames says:

    @hapoelta5 Yes u have to play with two S60 v5 phones….btw u can download it on mobile9(dot)com….. =)

  12. hapoelta5 says:

    can we really play on 2 phones ?
    I mean bu C7 and N8 >?
    and please how can I download this game ?

  13. pottarellu93 says:


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