iPhone+iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 OS Theme

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iPhone+iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 OS Theme

iPhone+iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 OS Theme, You need for Safari on iDevice: backboard://wyndrepo.googlecode.com Link to Article: www.redmondpie.com for iPhone OS7 for iPhone OS7 for iPhone OS7 for iPhone
iPhone+iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 OS Theme Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to iPhone+iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 OS Theme

  1. EasyTecTalk says:

    Dang it sucks…when i copy link it opens backboard but then backboard exits..:(

  2. TheSoulStep says:

    it didnt come with the weather icon O.o

  3. sarfaxzzz345 says:

    @0ShadowDaemon download dreamboard.you can download this theme,and the dreamboard app comes with the android theme

  4. sarfaxzzz345 says:

    use deamboard

  5. 0ShadowDaemon says:

    man this was awesome! i always wanted this,u dont have an android theme too/?

  6. MrRebelFish says:

    Amazing,thanks so much!

  7. kaka234ify says:

    Wats the name of ur theme

  8. Genocide2242 says:

    I love you

  9. quinchonez says:

    u guys are retarded the link is not complete on the iPhone’s safari. Go to it in your computer and type it manually into the iPhone then it works

  10. SuperShawnbell says:

    ‘ Fake and gay .

  11. masterkeyify says:

    I’m so sick of everybody uploading this stuff to the shitty repos. PLEASE just make it so we can winscp it, placing it in a repo will make it not work in 5 minutes.

  12. iGeniusiPhone says:

    Hey, Nice Video
    Btw i have a iPhone 3GS,
    and I am trying to do what you did, but when I type the URL into the safari, it goes to backboard automatically and then comes back to the home screen so nothin happens?

    Can you please help me with bro? I really want this theme badly….
    Please see if u can do anything to help me!


  13. KaseyOlivez says:

    how to hack wifi networks with an iPhone, ipod touch, or ipad!?!? well iwifihack (dot) net showed me how!!!

  14. HilmaKuyke says:

    Hey guys! I though i would share with you THE BEST app for ipod touch and iphone! iwifihack (dot) net

  15. SuperShawnbell says:

    Fake And Gay , You Type It In Then It Goes To Backboard AND DOES NOTHING.

  16. azurablade49123456 says:

    fake and gay its not work it crashis fuck you dude asshole faggot

  17. kissmeblindful says:

    @iBreakApple k thank youuu :)

  18. mttrsll7 says:

    is there no way to make the icons look any better than this? i’ve pinned messages and phone to the start menu, but all it is, is the blue square, with the small green app icon in the centre it just looks out of place… =/ and the clock icon looks rubbish its not in hd. sorry for the rant i know its a beta, as far as it goes, it works great and its very very easy to install, just a shame a few very important things seem to be missing. lets hope it improves

  19. MrRyan637 says:

    s this the full version?

  20. swemakz says:

    dosent work any more-_-

  21. iBreakApple says:

    @kissmeblindful its still in extreme beta mode. to be honest, this isnt the best! he added me to a dev list and the recent betas are much better. im sure he will release full version VERY soon:)

  22. kissmeblindful says:

    i’ve gotten to the part where it’s in backboard, and i install it, but when it resprings it goes into safe mode. i’ve tried many times to restart springboard but it keeps crashing. any suggestions? other than that, great video. love your vids :D

  23. xLilCrazyx says:

    mine just says complete and dismiss when i click yes to download but it doesnt actually download it…is the beta version no longer available??

  24. 14MattROX says:

    Do u know if u can change the color

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