AT&T HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 hands-on at CTIA 2011

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Link: In this video, we stop by the HTC booth at CTIA to get a quick look at AT&T’s upcoming HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7. It’s similar in nature to the T-Mobile variant, but features a glossy black finish compared to chrome and also has a Super LCD display. Visit us: Follow us Subscribe to our channel: Like us: Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. It encourages us to bring you more great content.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to AT&T HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 hands-on at CTIA 2011

  1. theFall3nOne1 says:

    that phone is too fucking big

  2. linuxpowerification says:

    you just exsplained how windows phone is xD just a shitty junk.

  3. Techneffect says:

    @linuxpowerification Android and IOS looks like Dinosaurs compared to WP7, even Android has stolen wp7 metro UI look for Android new marketplace, thats pathetic. WP7 is the future of smartphones

  4. linuxpowerification says:

    lol thats makes lots of sense,wp7 rocks? xD

  5. Techneffect says:

    @linuxpowerification jealous much wp7 rocks

  6. plopsywhopsy says:

    Did u say kickstand? On a mobile phone?

  7. Jelani3139 says:

    Damn, this whole phone is just smooth. I’d get it, but they don’t sync with Macs, therefore I’m keeping my iPhone 4.

  8. JoshJW11 says:

    @fatcrewz Yea, i thought about that too but i take a lot of self portrait pictures with me and my family. But i still just cant help but love WP7 im getting this in a week! Thanks for the advice budd!

  9. fatcrewz says:

    @JoshJW11 you dont really need front facing camera for now.

  10. UlquiorraAvarice says:

    @linuxpowerification I think it looks amazing. It just depends on your tastes.

  11. rickhatfat12567 says:

    does it have so you can have free internet

  12. linuxpowerification says:

    windows phone was allways shitty,and still its shitty they just changed the UI to a more light one with simple color scheme and no 3d to run faster and give the impression its fast OS,the UI looks like shit with all the apps looking like a square lol and with submenus hidden and options.

  13. linuxpowerification says:

    they are boring my ass,windows 7 UI looks like shit,and its still the shitty windows

  14. snshampton says:

    @vinzfoolingaround IOS and droid = boring!! Got rid of my ip4 for a Samsung focus and never looked back!!

  15. vinzfoolingaround says:

    boring. complicated.

  16. JoshJW11 says:

    @MrXamenyap No prob budd! ;-)

  17. MrXamenyap says:

    @JoshJW11 oh really too . i was considering it ….thanks for the additional info .

  18. JoshJW11 says:

    I was gonna get this phone until i found out it didn’t have a front facing camera! :-(

  19. 5mentarioz says:

    Htc is kicking apple’s ass?

  20. SmartKeitai says:

    Update: HTC HD7S will be out June 5th for $200 with a 2 year agreement.

  21. Ticomfreak says:

    HEY! my name is CJ :)

  22. Ticomfreak says:

    @notmygravy i know!

  23. SmartKeitai says:

    @d12981 You can put phones into “airplane mode” where the cellular radios are disabled. They tell you to turn off all electronics until about 10-15 minutes into the flight. think they do this to avoid headaches: having to explain which devices are okay on takeoff/, how to activate airplane mode for phone, etc – easier to just say keep them all off until we’re in the air.

  24. d12981 says:

    you cant even have your cellphone on on a plane though can you?…or you can after the plane has reached a certain point in the air?….

  25. notmygravy says:

    @suarezstyle your such an idiot if it wasnt gonna come out then why have they made it

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