Categorize Windows Phone Home Screen Tiles

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19 Responses to Categorize Windows Phone Home Screen Tiles

  1. deyvit25 says:


  2. manco82 says:

    Why isn’t this kind of tile supported natively?

  3. jasondomican1991 says:

    Thanks doe putting this up mate I always wanted to create groups =)

  4. Brendosaurous says:

    @stinkytofujohnson hey I have two transparent wallpaper I can send them to you via email or text message. Just let me know

  5. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @BloodySplatterGaming its on the about us page of the app i think ..

  6. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @BloodySplatterGaming the app has a live tile option

  7. BloodySplatterGaming says:

    How did you get the WP7applist live tile?

  8. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @stinkytofujohnson sure , will get it up in a few days

  9. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @schwimp lol.. i like my porn to be one click away ofcourse..

  10. schwimp says:

    Haha how come you need to make a porn selection title ^^,

  11. stinkytofujohnson says:

    Hi, can you do a video on how to Download transparent slider wallpapers? Thnx

  12. stinkytofujohnson says:

    Hi, can you do a video on transparent slider wallpapers for windows phone 7? Thanks so much! I love your videos!!:)

  13. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @mrhashbrown I saw it on @smartyp twitter stream a while ago .. never posted a article on it :)

  14. mrhashbrown says:

    Didn’t WPCentral’s Richard Edmonds come up with this first?

  15. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @donjaime2000 sorry guys links have been added in the description

  16. stinkytofujohnson says:

    Please…can anyone comment the link? Thanks!:)

  17. stinkytofujohnson says:

    Please…whats the link? I can’t hear it clearly

  18. llisasukeill says:

    thanks man .. it’s really helpful..

  19. donjaime2000 says:

    please put the link of the page or the name

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