Communications Features | Windows Phone Mango demo by Joe Belfiore

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Windows Phone Mango communications features are organized around the person or group you want to interact with, not the app you have to use. Corporate VP of Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore, shows how access to mobile Facebook and Twitter has never been easier with Windows Phone Mango.
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24 Responses to Communications Features | Windows Phone Mango demo by Joe Belfiore

  1. TCtrois says:

    @multi626style That’s just a demo. Dude

  2. multi626style says:

    Your phone has low battery…

  3. itsedwardbailey says:

    He’s quite clever. He knows that the only time people are on Windows Live Messenger is when they’re on Xbox… because: Facebook Chat > WLM

  4. 111Kristof says:

    1. Windows Phone Mango
    2. iOS 5
    3. Android Ice Cream Sandwich

  5. INTEGRATE08 says:

    I just made the switch from an iPhone, and have been really happy with the decision. I like the WP7 OS quite a bit, and much better than iOS in some perspectives. Particularly all of the social integration. Posting to someone’s facebook wall right from the phone’s address book is pretty cool!

    A lot of my iPhone friends want to give the WP7 a shot after playing with mine.

    I hope Mango blows up the platform because I want that blue Nokia N9/Sea Ray with the WP7 OS!!

  6. Harrisonbruvinit says:

    11 people choked on an apple

  7. UnaccountablySelfy says:

    Microsoft have taken under twelve months to compile and better every update that Apple has ever released in its four years of developing the iPhone, and more, for the Mango update. I have a feeling that this is going to be massive…

  8. peace00021 says:

    The platform should support front facing camera. Microsoft bought skype. Would be a shame if there’s nothing we can use for business.

  9. SuperFukooo says:

    been waiting for this… specially the update on the texting .. got a windows phone 7 thinking it would already have messenger already on it…. but that was not the case.. i was a little disapointed.. but this is GREAT!

  10. BarryxLove says:

    This is great but something that i think it needs is sending videos via text message and customizable ring tones

  11. kkqlasiq says:

    @j1N773 The update will be free for all existing windows phone so you will get it , you dont have to buy a new phone.

  12. LegendaryRemixes says:

    i love my dell venue pro wp7 is pure awesomeness

  13. vaibhav402 says:

    @Bervick cuz they dont care what people want…their policy is “people dont know what they want” which can be sometimes stupid and sometimes on the other hand waited to see how the market was..analyzed it…took feedbacks…experimented with the 1st version of windows phone 7 and then finally after all that research..unleashed a beast called “WP7 mango” in the its bye bye iphone and android…and hello WP7 :)

  14. rj0519 says:

    z-box, i want one. Their holding out on us.

  15. j1N773 says:

    i love my windows phone this mango is all a update right like i can download or a completely new PHONE?!?! cause i just got my windows phone and i dont wanna buy another one :/ software update?

  16. kkqlasiq says:

    wp7 is awesome

  17. a6ciaran says:

    Loving the near empty battery haha

  18. irishgeoff1 says:

    I just found a really cool cell phone jammer. google :- yapper zapper

  19. bluedude34 says:

    i like he background music

  20. TenshiR says:

    I laughed when i read the message about Steve Ballmer saying Joe should get a haircut..=o)

  21. MosesTheLiar says:

    @fatcrewz You can. When you go to the messaging app, you have a ‘threads’ section and an ‘online’ section. Online section shows both fb and win live. ym isn’t there yet or gchat though.

  22. msummerour1 says:

    @aryatololHTF It auto-corrected

  23. fq94 says:

    @ohdamndenis Maximum per group is 20.

  24. ohdamndenis says:

    6 people only per group????

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