Everything a smartphone should be Windows Phone 7

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Everything a smartphone should be Windows Phone 7

Everything a smartphone should be Windows Phone 7

See what real people and the experts are saying about Windows Phone. The only phone with Office, Xbox LIVE, and thousands of apps. It’s time to trade up to a better mobile phone.

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11 Responses to Everything a smartphone should be Windows Phone 7

  1. jessiethe3rd says:

    Love my WP7 phone!

  2. maxmaxtchin says:

    simple thinks like copy paste n send via bluetooth r nt der….

  3. Nokitfer says:

    Very cool, but I’m still sticking to Android for a while. They’re doing great atm

  4. urban007lol says:

    spoko spot

  5. liberejaguar says:

    I own one for 3 months and I really like this for simplictity, for the speed of use, for not having thousands of things doing exacly the same thing..and at the same time my kid love the games and enjoy the interactivity, for instance going in a trip to can continue games that were playing in Xbox is amazing. In the other and being a developer I love the platform. So Developer, Dad, own a Playstation , a Xbox , a android phone (Htc Hero) and a WIndows Phone (Mozart).

  6. badkashah says:

    At least it’s a better advertisement from MS, the older ad’s were awful!

  7. anicetune says:

    Great OS for all the dads, grandmas and technophobes who want simplicity.

    For the more technically-minded, the kind who want to see how much RAM is being used up, Android takes the lead.

  8. Slendertouch says:

    Im a Microsoft Lover. I haven’t got any of these phones yet but I will get one hopefully. Watching this makes me feel bad that I don’t own one. Advertising this right can tip the balance towards Microsoft. Once and for All.

  9. dinuhsawr says:

    It’s not the only phone with thousands of apps.

  10. najiboyz92 says:


  11. fermie125 says:

    About time Microsoft rolled out advertising that might actually *sell* their phones. The marketing effort thus far into WP7′s life has missed the mark big time, and Microsoft can’t afford that entering this late in the smartphone game. I’ve got a WP7 phone and I love it. But nobody knows how good these phones are due to craptacular marketing.

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