Games Hub on Windows Phone Mango [ Part 4 ]

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Whats is new in Windows Phone Mango Games Hub : Part 1 : General UI Improvements : Part 2 : Bing Search : Part 3 : Internet Explorer 9 : The HTC HD7S for AT&T is a solid Windows Phone 7 device. This 4.3″ WVGA Super LCD behemoth is powered by a 1GHz single core CPU. Battery life is average at best, expect to charge your phone daily, and the 5MP camera captures decent images and 720p video. The HD7S retails for 0 on a two year contract. This phone is pretty good now and will be even better this fall when the Mango software update hits. Two new phones for the price of one. If you are looking for a well built smartphone running WP7, check out the HD7S. For exclusive content follow me on twitter at http For unique, non-tech related content check out Michael Uncensored:
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23 Responses to Games Hub on Windows Phone Mango [ Part 4 ]

  1. PiRhNas says:

    @WindowsMobileApps Oh thank you thank you thank you.. Plz give me the name that I need to mention and I’ll do it for sure thank you..

  2. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @PiRhNas sure go for it , but plz do mention us as the source.

  3. PiRhNas says:

    Hi plz plz plz can I have your permission to use some parts of your videos about windows phone, on a video I’m making for a competition? Please accept plz I really need your help thank you..

  4. saquibs20 says:

    The giant GAMES text looks ugly.

  5. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @akash1229 you seaarch for free games from the marketplace

  6. akash1229 says:

    Hw do I now search for free games?

  7. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @MrElseJon yup the animated avatar right from games hub :)

  8. MrElseJon says:

    so what does xbox live extras do then seeming as its features are integrated into the games hub now

  9. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @WP7User thanks :)

  10. WP7User says:

    Nice banner!!

  11. huang92 says:

    @coolstorykev yes definitely

  12. coolstorykev says:

    Hey Michael, I’m planning on getting a phone from AT&T and I’m considering on getting the HTC HD7s but I have a couple questions. I don’t really need the phone right now per say, because I can get it in the fall during the Mango update. So my question is, if I wait until Fall when the update hits, do you think Windows or Microsoft will release a new windows phone for AT&T?

  13. supergamer2346 says:

    Devices have too many letters these days. I mean look at TV’s. An LED HD 3D LCD TV.

  14. kplay12 says:

    @strzempa WM7??? ITS WP7.

  15. DvdXploitr says:

    I swear, no matter how many Windows 7 phone reviews I watch, i just couldn’t ever see myself getting one……not HATING on it b/c it’s Windows, but just don’t like the UI, he obviously was having problems with the simple functions like pinch to zoom, scrolling thru pics, motion blur on video, graphic rendering on the web browser….I’ve heard Windows 8 and even Xbox360 may go to this type of UI, i hope not……i think it’s the worst UI ever.

  16. sccerstr09 says:


  17. strzempa says:

    @07liberian WP7 my bad

  18. crazeyrangerfans says:


  19. 07liberian says:

    @strzempa There Is No Such Thing As WM7.

  20. CarolinaOhNo says:


  21. JamesMichaelBillings says:


  22. MMOfans1 says:


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